Just happen to notice while washing me bike

After washing the Bike last night, I normally start it up and let it run a bit. NORMAL

While I was just letting it thump away I usually tilt the bike Left and right to allow water that is trapped to pour out.

In doing this I noticed the Carb Gas Overflow spwed a bunch of gas... :) Hummmm

I shut the fuel off, let it run some more and did the same thing tilt left to right, same result gas came out immediatly fromt he Carb Overflow.


1: Anyone ever notice this on there's

2: Should I assume the float is to high?

The bike is not running rich, it is tan as a hawaian gals butt... Perfect..

hey ego, be careful about running the bike after washing, I would bet you change the filter before starting it, but just in case, that big piston can suck water through the filter, causing lots of problems if too much gets in.

I never had that problem before, I'm gonna keep an eye on this post for the answer.

Had a brain cramp, if you happen to lean it too far left or right, the vents are just doing there job, letting excess fuel escape preventing vapor lock.

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yeah, i agree with BK... the overflow is doing its job. But it depends on how far you are tilting the bike. If you tilt it more than halfway to the ground, I'd say that's normal. If its less, then you may need to adjust your float. That would be my guess..

One time i was riding an MX track with a 125 i had.. i stopped to clear some big rocks outta the way and leaned the bike against a little hill. When i came back the bike was on the ground and only had a quarter tank of gas left in it. Back in my 2-smoke days, that was about $7 worth of supply... D'oh! :)

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Sorry guys, I had to remove that link.

The link was passed on to me, and without knowing it at the time, the hosting site was offering some photos that were perhaps not suited for certain TTer's.

My apologies if I incorrectly lead anyone into the unsuitable.


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lol, that clip is hilarious! at least he was pretty graceful about it... he did have it on one wheel for quite a while

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Shoot, I missed it. I wanna see I wanna see, Davej email the link!

Will you shoot the link to my pm box.


Its my post what link gimmme link gimme gimme gimme

PM me

or at least download the thing and re-post it for all to see. if ya dont have the space let me know I do and I will post it in a clean safe enviroment

send me the link too please.

Ego, join a gym. Do something. Id tell ya to go have a beer, buy ya dont drink. Just leave your bike alone. Gees! :)

Like said before, its just overflowing because of the angle of the dangle. The float is fine. If you do, in your obsession tear into the carb, the float level is supposed to be 9mm. Thumpers really should be lighter on the plug than tan though, depending on what fuel your using.

Mine does it also! No Worries! Even does it if you land hard on a big jump.

Hey 98YZ, can you do that maneuver for me?

How do you check your overflow tubes (which are on the BOTTOM of your bike, when you are landing off a jump?!! You are one sick dude!! :)

I would think if you had gas coming out while the bike was just sitting, even on the stand, normally, and you had gas coming out, THEN your floats are too high. That motor is going to be sucking that fuel in so it shouldn't ever get to do what you experienced while riding....obviously, unless you are airborne, where gravity loses it's effect, and the gas just goes everywhere in there! :D

Death Wish

I was wondering the same thing so I came to this conclusion

yz98 must be flat on his back as he watches the bike sail over the jump :)


He fell off :D

Just kidding 98

Might as well just put the link back up-I wanna see too...

How does gravity lose it's affect when you're airborne? :) I didn't think gravity lost its' affect 'till you were in outerspace...and I've never seen a thumper jump that high. Yeeha! :D

So here's the deal.

I get this from a friend, attempt to post it with some remark like "Here's E.G.O. testing to see if his road-bike carb will leak fuel like it does on the 426".

Ya know, push the boy around a little...eh?

But then the link didn't work, only sending me to the home page of the hosting site.

From there it was photos of gross and disgusting things I couldn't help but open up. Kind of like knowing the milk is bad but you have to smell it anyways. Yikes!!

Then I thought, "gosh...darn...dang...what if somebody linked TT with stuff like this?". It could be the end.

WHAT IF!?...some small innocent child got hold of his dad's computer, causing the child to see such things, resulting in a disturbance in the child’s growth pattern, which then causes the kid to grow up and purchase a 2-stroke??!!

It could happen!!

So I didn't want to be any part of it.

Proceed with caution.


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