04 yz450f trans

Does anyone know if the 5 gear from the 426 works with the 2004 450?

I am in the process of installing an '04 WR tranny into my '04 YZ. Ty Davis says it is a drop in....we'll see.

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get that and for how much $$$?

I have a YZ450 on order right now, and the only thing I wasn't happy with was the transmission. I wanted a Wr but they guy I ordered from couldn't get on until next year.

And are you changing the entire tranny or just swapping the gears?

Still haven't pulled off the swap...but I have the WR tranny assembled...nothing interchanges...must swap complete tranny, including forks and shift cam....

This "reprint" from an old post by SFO will cover it. I undestand that there is less machine work if an '03/'04 WR trans is used, but that would give you a wide ratio box, and you'll still have to come up with a complete transmission.


YZ-F 5sp conversion

We finally finished installing the '02 yz 5sp in our '03 yz 450 motard bike.

This is a HUGE PITA.

Both cases must be machined to accept the 5sp shift drum, both cases need the shift shaft holes deepened on one of the shift shaft bungs, one gear must be clearance ground to get proper axial freeplay on the main shaft, custom shimming for proper operation, the clutch has to be clearanced in relationship to its axial offset on the mainshaft this was done by surface grinding the washers under the clutch basket, and you will also need a complete 5sp box w/shift shafts, shift forks, shift drum and main shaft and pinion shaft assemblies complete w/ gears.

10 hours in a machine shop plus parts, (thanks Rich), BTW, it works great!

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