Rusty spark plug.

Hey guys, yesterday I decided to change the plug on my bike, seems like a lot of work to get at it though! Anyways after dropping the socket in that big hole, extension, and turning the extension with a vice grip, what a joke this is, I got the plug out fairly easily. above the threads and "washer" the plug was covered in grunge and rust. Obviously been lots of water and crap getting in there. The plug was black, am I running lean or rich? Put the new plug in, and put some grease around the plug cover to act as a water stop. Anybody else have this problem, or any suggestions to stop the water penetration would be appreciated.

Dave B

Oh yeah, the bike has only 275 miles on it.


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there's only going to be one place that water got in & that's that tiny hole on the off side of your cylinder head. when you jet wash the bike it gets in there i should think.


sorry dave, i mistook you for the english Derek (i know. i don't know why either, but i'll print my mistake all the same).

on the right hand side of your head is what i should have said.


Thanks Taffy, I didn't know about that hole, I'll locate it and cover it next time. I've only pressure washed it twice, at a distance, because sometimes it is the only way to get this wet Canadian clay off, it's unbelievable.

Keep in mind that dirt and water may enter the hole at any time. So, if you have acess to compressed air. Take the spark plug cap off and blow air through the "little hole" in the side of the head. This will get all the stuff you can't see and may be falling into the motor :), out of there.



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Black plug - TOO RICH


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First time at my plug too. Was rusty just like Dave's. What's a good way to get down in there to clean the base were the plug gasket hits. Thought I'd get a piece of rubber hose about the same diameter and put a piece of cloth on it to poke down in there.

John Hamilton

Thought maybe I was the only one with this problem. Last two plugs I changed were like that! I just try to make sure that the plug boot is as far down as I can get it and grease up the lip. I'll see how it looks next time I pull it.

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I always squirt some water repellent in the offending hole after I wash the bike ( CRC or WD40 ) and use the small tube supplied with the can. It fits easily in the hole. After a short squirt you can see the water run out with the repellent.


Tony Montana

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