What do you think?? opinions please?

What's up fellow ttalker's,

do me a favor and look over on the for sale forum and check out the 01' YZ250f from Newport News VA, (my birthplace LOL) Talked to the guy on the phone and sounds like a real nice guy not shooting me any Bullsh@#%$. So what do you think, It is for my bud and he is contemplating on buying a new bike CRF or YZF but doesn't want to wait any longer. He is about 6ft and 165 pounds. It seems to me like this would be a good start for him. We are supposed to meet up with the seller thurs night and probably go ahead and purchase the bike. For $4,000 cash I think it looks like a deal if it is really is as good of shape as the pictures show. Just thought I would ask, (plus I am looking forward to riding it also) Frank :)

thanks guys,

well I guess it just depends on his preference, my neighbor has a KTM 620sx, 01' 250f, and his newest toy of course the crf450r, best thing we can do I guess is see if he will let him ride the thing before we drive 2 hours and plunk down 4k, we'll see, and of course I will keep you informed! Peace, Frank

Maybe just a bit high on the price. I bought my 2001 for 3800, with less than 10 hours of riding on it. The extras are nice tho. I didn't have the same feelings at all about the 250F that RAT did. My friends was easy to start. I never even used the decompression lever on it. I could just kick it to life with 1 or 2 kicks like a 2 stroke. It pulled hard for its size, I mean come on it's not the 426. It rode to me like a 125 2-stroke on steroids, and felt lighter than a 250 2-stroker but not as light as a 125. I would purchase one by all means to set beside the 426 in my shop if I had the cash.

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Ditto on the price, The 250 is a bit tempermental on starting, My son has an 02 and man he gets tired real quick kicking that thing.

Good news is, just like the 426 its a blast to ride. I love it, you can pretty much beat it to death and it still smiles. I can not wait to help my son put a 310 kit in it....

Oh ya did I mention a wheelie machine Oyaaaaaa

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