2001 XRL650

What to you guys think a fair market price would be for an XRL650 with all the mods in my signature would be? I just keep thinking a smaller bike would be so much better here in Iowa. All we have are tight muddy trails. I'm thinking of selling my XR and going for something of a 450 or 250x.

Probably 3500 to 4500 depending on condition / mileage .The extras dont really add much to the value,most buyers would buy a clean stock looking bike over a modded well ridden bike (IMHO). :thumbsup:

March 2003, I picked up a used 2001 XR650L with 750 miles from a dealer for $4000, mint shape.

They also had a 2001 with 400 mi for $4500


You should try an XR600R, just get on one and ride it once, they are pretty sweet and quite a bit lighter than your L.

As far as mods, I wouldnt buy a heavily modded bike either. Honda makes a very good and reliable bike, people start changing out stuff and it may be faster, but you lose reliability, or they run like carp, etc. etc. Most people want to buy a Honda, not a John Doe one of a kind modded bike. :thumbsup:

I need something that is still street legal. Here in Iowa it's impossible to register an off-road bike as a street bike. So I may be stuck with a DRZ unless Honda comes out with an affordable street legal dual sport that doesn't weigh 340lbs with fluids. I've never had a chance to ride a XR600, no one I know has one. I have ridden a DRZ400 though and it's night and day in the tight woods.

...I just keep thinking a smaller bike would be so much better...I'm thinking of selling my XR and going for something of a 450 or 250x.

I had the same idea as you, except I'm keeping my XRL. Just purchased a used '02 WR426F. This bike is in a whole different category. Dirt only, race-built & 80 lbs. lighter.

Now I've got the ability to keep both of them. That may not be an option for you.

If you're going to let it go, $3,500.00, or less, depending on miles and availability of XRL's in your area. Don't forget the madness on e-Bay either. Check there for gauging prices.

I have been shopping around for an XL myself.As far as ebay it doesn't matter if its an 02 or a 94 they all seem to go for about 3100.00.With 03s and 04s bring about 4k.

Wish you were closer I may be your huckleberry. :thumbsup:

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