Enron grip glue, oh wait I mean Renthal Grip glue

Talk about a freakin rip off! I just walked into the sticky trap of "ya gotta get the special glue, cuz other stuff will melt the grips". So I step to...er... back up to the counter and hand them my wallet (arse) for an ounce of the "special glue" at 8.95 a freakin ounce, only to find out the exact same stuff come from HomeDepot in gallon jugs for about the same amount of money. Its contact cement, nothing more. Regular old contact cement. I can honestly say I have never felt so completely stupid in my life. To be duped out of 9 bucks for an ounce of contact cement. Kill me, kill me now. But leave my 25 dollars worth grips alone. 12.95 for grips, 8.95 for the glue, some outrageous taxes and WAHLA 25 bucks for grips. Priceless. Simply priceless.

Im done now. But yourselves a favor, if you have ever bought any of that Renthal glue, just dont think about it. Just ride angry. Thinking about that on the starting line is gonna take 5 seconds off my lap time alone. :)

:):D LOL :D:D

Shawn if you have yet to use the Renthal glue, try some regular contact cement. I'd be very intrested in your results. I too purchased the $$$ glue to install my Renthal grips and have had ZERO movement on the grips.At least it works good and thats w/no safety wire.

Shawn I mean Ego I mean Shawn

By Shawn

Ego, join a gym. Do something. Id tell ya to go have a beer, buy ya dont drink. Just leave your bike alone. Gees!

know how ya feel Bra

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Ya know Ego, Im gonna do that, Im gonna go have me a beer and admire my new grips.

I used to use contact cement all the time for my grips, but I switched to 3M trim adhesive because it comes out of a trick little spray can and was about 1% easier to apply. My trick little spray can was empty though, so in the back of my mind I needed grip glue. BUT AT WHAT COST??!!

YA sure it works good, the renthal glue, but good gawd, 9 bucks an ounce!

Lookin at those grips is like driving by the house of the girlfriend that was a major factor in your divorce. Ya she was hot, expensive but hot. Now the question, was she hot enough? Nope.

Woe is he who beats me to the first turn!

Shawn. Lucky for me, your on the West coast. Right about now, I don't want to hear that your traveling East for a little MX Warfare, and find out I'm lined up next to you! Good luck with the grips!! Maniac

i put my full diamond renthal medium compound grips on with an air compressor, then once they were on i put a circle of safety wire around the middle...they haven't moved at all

Try about $.01 worth of 90octane........

swish it around and flick out the excess.

put grip on and forget about it.......never move.

Or if you are really brave, break into your wife's hair dress cabinet and spray in some of that fancy hairspray inside grip and put on .

I always used gasoline since I was 10. Works for me. :)


Just chalk this up as one for the bad guys. I am sure we all have bitten a big one at one time or another. Just channel that aggression like the east coast post said and keep on ridin! :) .


Bill Banard

My friend told me to use spray paint, but only on hard compound grips cause it will melt softer ones. Not shure if this is a good idea, but Im not gonna do it, because I cant ride with hard compound grips.

I've used spray paint numerous times (last time on soft grips) w/no problems

Thumper4life, I've also used the air compressor gig w/great results as well as carb cleaner spray to secure my grips. Both worked great, but Renthal makes the claim about their rubber compound's chemical make up that requires their $$$ glue. True or false? That is the Question.

I normally do the air compressor thing on the medium compound grips and it works great. I got some soft renthals the other day and I was installing the throttle side(very thin) with the air compressor and the damn thing blew up like the Nutty Professor and popped and got a huge hole in it... I am out of $12bucks now... :)

I use PVC glue (with out the primer) and what's cool is it has the little ball on the end of the lid for easy application and dries quick. Cheap and no mess


For the first time in my ridig carrier, I have had a throttle grip slip on me. I normally will just apply windex slip it on and walla all is well.

The one thing I forgot to do though>>>>>

What Ego What Tells us please

Sand Paper the Handle bars with a 300 grit in a circle moition to rough it up.

Once the windex evaps it makes the grip stick more to the rough surface.

I think I have a prize winning grip horror story here..


Thank you Thank you

Now if my ass would stop bleeding... :)

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Lets see, I have a tube of grip glue, it was $3.99, and it's a big tube. Yellow metal tube, I can't recall who it's by off hand. I hate renthal stuff. Overpriced, not as nice.


In those cases I bring my own Vasaline, Ya see it has sand in it, That way I know when i am screwed.

I usually have a line I say to the parts guy if I buy OEM, It goes like this:

Me: How Much


Me: No No Dont tell me, Just take my wallet and you give me back what you think is fair :)

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Hey Deathwish, Ive got a can of grip glue too, it was at the house when I got jacked for the Renthal crap. The can I have is large at a GALLON, cost $6.95 and is left over from a floor project. CONTACT CEMENT! Thats all it is.

I liked the PVC glue idea. The only solice I have is the Scott grips I took off, I got off without cutting. So I have extra grips. whoopie. :)

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