Enron grip glue, oh wait I mean Renthal Grip glue

HOLY COW!!!!!! all this commotion cuz u spent 25$ for grips and glue? BIG DEAL. jeez, 25$ is chump change. what are you whining about?

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'Nilla Gorilla, send me some of that chump change you have lying around!! :)

$25 is alot of money! I'll spend 7.99 on a pair of Domino grips, and 3.99 for glue that will last me for years, or until it dries out.

I 2nd that I could use your "CHUMP" change too.

the post was if your not so bright to understand

Lesson Learned


Danger Danger Will Robinson


Geez di I get it in the shorts

& From Shawn Himslef

So I step to...er... back up to the counter and hand them my wallet (arse) for an ounce of the "special glue" at 8.95 a freakin ounce

Geez nilla Vanerial Loosin up :)

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I just started useing the golf grip method. Get some double sided tape "used for sticking carpet down" and some lighter fluid. Wrap your bars with the tape, squirt some lighter fluid on it and swish some on the inside of the grip and push it on. It will dry in about 8 hrs same as the rubber cement. This is how you put new grips on clubs and if you have ever golfed you know there is a hell of alot of tourque on the grips.

Anyway it's alot cheaper than the super glue you bought.

Yep, stock grips are pricey. I put them back on when my bike was brand new and I changed the bars. They last forever! I used soft grips before that but they wear out after an enduro or two! I just got some FMF grips that are almost like the stock grips for about $15 a pair. I use 3M 77 spray adhesive then super glue the ends down. I use hand gaurds so I have to glue down the ends to keep the crap out when I use the ejector seat. The best metod I have seen is using super glue for the whole grip. They are a bit of work to take off though! Not all that bad. ---Mike

Well ego, i didnt mean to be all nasty. im just saying that i dont think payng 25 bucks for grips that will stay where u put them is a high price to pay. it beats the hell out of having your grip slide off while hamemring a tight turn or launching off the face of a 110 foot triple!


I use the splash of gas method. Then when they are stuck & dry(5 mins later) I put two double wraps of lock wire on each grip, mine ain't coming off if(when) I land ugly. From all the glues I have tried, they all slip or melt the grips, I've toasted more Renthal soft grips during install than I care to think about. Scott's seem to last a little longer for me and are still pretty soft.

Shawn, Great topic!!! It's funny, I can spend a couple of hunnies at the shop but when it comes to grips/glue I turn my head on the Renthal brand. The grips are IMO great but no way are they twice as good as the Scott Hurricane's that I use (for half the price). And they (Renthal) has everybody scared to use anything else but their glue on their grips or you will have a major meltdown on your bars. Why is it that Scott has their glue priced at half of Renthals? I personaly use the "3M" stuff. I think the big tube is maybe 8 bucks but it should last you half of your life.

Dan :)

Hey Vanilla, if my 25 bucks for grips is chump change, Ive got some stuff Im sure you need. Ive got a K695 that has about 30% left, I'll sell it to ya for 200 bucks. Thats only half a new one at retail right?

Its easy to see a kid. Its always the young ones that miss the point entirely. And I dont know about you, but I wear out a pair of grips as fast as the rear tire.

Has anybdy tried the Odi Ruffian grips? There is a review on them in the Aug '02 MXA. I have to have the smallest diameter grips possible, so it looks like these arent for me.

oh man, dont get me wrong here. i hear ya and all, i know the what your saying. the point im trying to geta cross is that for the 25 bucks you should get a quality product, that glue should hold up well and keep your grips ont he bar. if its what keeps your grips from sliding off in the worst possible time, then 25 bucks is worht it. its the price we pay for premium equipment., so i didnt miss the point, but thats the way things go i guess.

Compared to the Scott grip glue, the Renthal glue is a bargain. Personally, I use 3m weatherstripping adhesive if needed. Most of the time I can just slide my Renthal grips on without anything other than a little elbow grease and forget about them.

I tried using that E-Z Mount Grip Glue, it cost like $1 or $2 and it would not hold the aluminum(left) side of the Renthal Handlebar with the Renthal grip.

I've used it before with other grips and handle bars and it works ok.

Right now I have epoxy from the autoparts store, it cost like $4. It works awesome.

I couldn't resort myself to paying for that Renthal glue at that price.

Instead of using grip glue I used aqua net hairspray. Let it set overnight and it works great.

i us a spay of contact cleaner, but put the grip on BEFORE it dries or your going to have a hella hard time gettin em on. :)

Interesting topic,

I purchased Pro-Grip glue from Rocky Mountain for a think around $2.99.

The stuff worked great. Just try and get the sticky crap off your fingers afterwards. I applied a good amount to my pro-tapers, rinsed the inside of each grip with Windex and slid them on. The windex evaporates quickly - atleast in my hot garage.

No slippage !! Was able to ride within 2 hours. That may belong in the best mod for less then $5.00 class.


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