YZ450 Questions

Sorry to be nearly a repeat of the last post, guys, but I need your advice, and my situation is quite a bit different from "Seb's." I'm seriously considering a CR450, and semi-seriously considering a YZ450. The key limiter is the lousy support at the Lancaster, CA Yamaha dealership, and the opposite at the Lancaster Honda dealership a few blocks away ("Will" in particular is a class act).

A few questions:

1. I'd greatly appreciate an idea of maintenance items and costs, and how frequently each is needed. Valves? Oil? Top end rebuilds? Gearboxes? Cam chains and related hardware?

2. Any problems to report? Four speed trans working out okay?

3. Is the 450 really that much of an improvement over the YZ400?

I have been a CR500 rider for many years, with a 1997 bike being my latest. The motor was fully worked by Boyesen Engineering, and it is pretty much unbeatable in a drag race, if traction is good. It's also the hardest bike to ride MX that I know of, and its turning is not in the league of the YZ400s I've ridden. However, as you know, the CR500 is rock reliable and really fun to ride.

Thanks in advance for your input!

I have said it 5000 times, and I'll say it again, nobody will have any idea about the yz450 till it comes out.


all i can say is that since the current 426f will stomp a mudhole in the crf450, the new yz450f will absolutely dominate the inferior crf450. dont get a crf, no matter what u do. ride blue and you will be forgiven of your past sins (riding red)! hehehe


Locust, I'm guessing you aren't aware that the YZ450 isn't even out yet, so the questions on maintenance, problems, etc are pure speculation... As far as the YZ400 difference, I ride a 400 and I'm guessing the differences will be considerable-I believe they are already with the 426.

I would rather be dead then ride red

Gad I hate upgrades they take so long and I am just sitting here poking my nose into threads.

Get the yz you willnever be sorry, I like Yamaha but Vanilla is right, I havnt met a crf I couldnt pass "Yet"

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