What have I done?

what's crazy is it doesnt reeeeaaaalllly matter if its 70 or 90 mph on 426. Its just the fact that we've all gone around those speeds, on a 8' wide trail, through trees with a 90 degree turn right around the next tree.


I knew I was flyin, but i didnt know my hair was on fire.

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I have always thought that you should be required to dirt/mx/trail ride before they let you buy a street monster.

1. You have actually had to think fast and save your butt on occasion.

2. You will already have had some ugly get-offs and developed a list titeled "Stupid S**t to NEVER do again"

3. You won't be psychologically tied to the asphalt. When trouble comes up you would be more likely to ride through it and over it or up on a side walk, etc......

I have been thinkin hard about getting another street bike, but, at least I have put a bike on its side at speed enough to know it isnt fun.

I wonder how long it's gonna be before the govt starts regulating HP on these things.

I just recently talked a (26) year old girl out of buying a CBR 600, when I found out she had never ridden a bike before, and, was gonna take a class to learn how to ride.

I told her that any time she wanted to learn she could come riding with my family and I. At least she would be all suited up and have a little room to make mistakes.


my yamahopper has 4.7 hp....2 mirrors & a luggage rack....(LOL)

All you need to remember is FEAR MAKES YOU CRASH and IF THINGS GET HAIRY MORE GAS!!!!!

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