Paddle Tire Size 560/18 Fit?

First of all I'd like to say hi. This is my first post here. I have an '03 wr450f I bought new and it is the first motorcycle I have ridden or owned. I ride the sand dunes a lot here in Utah and I hate changing tires when I want to ride dirt. I found a rear wheel assembly for sale that has a 560/18 Cheng shin dune hopper (same as sand pro) paddle tire on it. The seller claims it will fit the wr450f. It is on an aftermarket wheel - talon hub, excel rims and spokes, renthal sprocket - so the rim may not be stock width. Anyone know if there is enough clearance to run a tire this size? I'm not sure if it is wider or taller or just a different unit of measure that is about the same size as stock. Help?

I currently run a 120/18 size paddle on mine with no clearence problems, but I dont know how this compares to a 560/18. I only run 8 paddles,and it works well.

I found out the 560 is 5.6 inches width. That's about 140 mm or a 140/18. Does anyone run anything that big? I'm pretty sure you could run a dirt tire that big without clearance problems, but the paddles may hit the front of the fork on a sand tire. It's on the way so i guess I'll find out this week and let everyone know. I got a complete rear wheel assembly with talon hub, excel rims and spokes, and renthal sprocket and rotor for $250 with the tire. I think thats pretty good even if the tire doesn't clear. New smaller paddle tire is pretty cheap.

the 560 should be wider than a 150, comparing the old system w/ the new.

I don't know if a WR can pull that width (HP!!) regardless if it fits or not...

Well, the huge paddle would just barely fit if I added a link or two to the chain so I could adjust the wheel all the way back and I do mean all the way back. Oh well, the spare wheel is what's important. I just put my dirt tire on it and left my old paddle on the stock wheel. Best of both worlds at the swap of a wheel. What the hell do I do with that huge paddle tire now? I have no idea what it would even fit. :thumbsup:

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