wet sump question

hi all. i recently wet-sumped my bike(2002 426)and have been changing the oil relijously.well, today when i changed it before a ride,i did the oil filter too,but it seemed dry,like no oil is pumping through it.granted,the bike was sitting for a couple of days so maybe the oil just drained into the bottom end.but if this is not the case,is this normal?does the oil filter even work after you do the wet-sump conversion?any help would be appreciated.


I would call Dr. D in the morning and get the straight poop. You'll get 3 maybe's 5 I don't knows and 1 My friend might have done it, in here.

You can always start it for a minute and then shut it off and pop the cover to see if there's any oil in there.

I always warm the bike up before changing the oil. Helps it empty out better/faster and gives you an opportunity to make sure that the plumbing is working ... $.02


I seldom run the bike before an oil change and if memory serves me correctly, I don't recall seeing a lot of oil in the filter area.

Before and after conversion.

Double check pressure at the head just to be safe.


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