best full system exhaust for 03-04 YZ 450

Just wanting to know what the best all around full system exhaust is for the YZ 450 detailed comments very appreciated I have had a lot of recommendations towards the Dr. D let me know thanks.

I was very happy with the WB R4 that i had on my 426. I was looking at either a WB carbon pro or Dr. D for my new 450. The carbon pro is WAY too expensive and is very loud. I think the Dr. D is the way to go.

In their recent review of Dr. D's personal race bike,

MXA says "If you own a yz450f, then the Dr. D is the best pipe for it" We'll see. :thumbsup:

The Dr. D Exhaust always gets good reviews.

But you haven't defined what "best" means?

I really like my FMF pipes. I have them on both bikes and they rip.

I dont have the magazine in front of me but the recent review of Dr. D's bike said that the pipe gave it more power everywhere and smoothed it out. They said it made the yzf powerband more like a crf but considerably more powerful than either a stock yzf or crf. Dr. D also does a cam mod that alters the timing slightly to move the power up in the range.

This is also from a magazine... so dont bash me for saying them. If it claims to be true it might be a good performing pipe. I just might try it. The price is right. :thumbsup:


The FMF 14" makes a decent change, it helps it pull on top and smooths it out too. The only draw back is that it is pretty loud! :thumbsup::devil:

i have the factory 4 fmf and it rocks. made a big difference in both weight and power. i'm also running it with the 96db ama insert so it's not as loud as a lot of bikes that are out there

I have a FMF Factory 4 and I love it. It improved my bottom to mid range plus it shaved off a few pounds. It's a little louder than stock but the anodized blue looks super sweet! :devil::thumbsup::awww::lol:

I have dynoed most of the aftermarket exhausts...on the dyno they showed very little difference in bottom and mid...and they all SUCKED on overrev. They all lost between 4 to 8 hp from peak to limiter. So I guess it is a personal preference on what you are looking for.

The Ti4 did the best on overrev for the "canister style" pipes. The TA beat them ALL in lowend and midrange. The Jemco and ST were the best all around pipes.

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