my story..... HELP

Heres my story... I bought my 2004 wr450f in mid april so now its two months old. I went to the beach (dunes) this last weekend and my bike ran flawless the first ride all the way through. I got back to the parking lot and after about and hour or so we were ready to go again. I try to start my bike and it fires and dies right away. I kick it over and the piston just stops dead at the top of the rotation. I took the spark plug out and it made no differance. I week earlyer I was in the mud and dirt and dumped it in a puddle, BIG PUDDLE. can some one PLEASSSSE HELP. anything will help im going to pull it apart tomarrow but would like some theories of whatthis could be caused by. Thanks Jake... :thumbsup:

And I thought mud was only hard on the sprockets, chain, swing arm pivots, suspensions seals, brake pads, brake rotors and wheel bearings. :thumbsup::devil::awww:

I noticed that you posted having problem with your Scotts oil filter. Did the engine seize after finding the problem with the oil filter? It's just a guess, but do you guys think the oil filter problem could be related to the engine freezing up? Maybe something blocked the oil return line. Just a thought. Hope you get it fixed soon.

Did you change the oil after dumping in the mud?

no i didn't, I did notice the filter was dirtyer than i have ever seen it. after only 80 miles

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