Best Advice Ever Given

Stand back at least 10 feet when you pour race gas on a burning cat!!!!!!LOL :D:)

Never P.O your cook!! :D

<center><font color=red><h2>DENY DENY DENY</h2></center> :D

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Im a musician (playing drums for 24 years). The best advice that I ever heard was to always take your wallet on to stage.

Also in business: Success is taking advantage of an oportunity.

Always check for ample amount of toilet tissue BEFORE you sit down!!!

Never fight ugly people....they got nothing to lose.

FastFrank, jbm once posted that here and I've used the advice since.

You mighty men of wisdom need to check the post on "MARRIAGE" and give that guy some advice on the reality of life.

Don't put your fingers where you wouldn't put your face!

If your credit card is stolen, think twice before reporting it. The thief is probably spending much less than your wife did.

Lessons are repeated until they are learned.


I have been doing that since the first time you mentioned it - that is one of the most useful things I picked up. It works like a charm.

Thanks again,

Odie :)

If Harley Davidson made airplanes, would you fly in one? :)

clutch use is clutch abuse

One problem............

Harley couldnt possibly build CPU's.

They still cant figure out a way to get them to shake apart and leak oil!!! :)

If harley Davidson made airplanes, they'd have to petition the laws of physics for a rule change so that they could complete!

And lets get it right here, it's HARDLY ABLESON! :)

I thought it was Hardly-Abletorun.......

Also, just how much additional dealer gouge would a shop charge on a HD plane? another couple million or so.......

Could you imagine all the chrome hanging off the planes. Would the pilots be wearing all black leather uniforms with club names on them and would they still use non-legal turtle shell helmets with a "DOT" (make that "FAA") sticker on them?

How 'bout biker bitches for flight attendants?

I grew up believing it was "Highly Dangerous"...

Best advice I ever heard...

Go through life with no reason to ever say sorry... In other words, have no regrets!

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Originally posted by TooFast:

If Harley Davidson made airplanes, would you fly in one? :)

LMAO, good one. Answer, in a word: NO!

Odie, you can thank jbm for that one. I merely forwarded it. And I agree, it HAS been very useful. Thanks.

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