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I have only ridden my 426 for three hours and the dealer told me after ten hours to bring it in for a checkup. Do I really need to do that or is it a matter of just changing the oil making sure all bolts are tight and cleaning the air filter. Any good money saving advice?

How mechanical are you?

If you feel comfortable there are plenty of people here to answer honest questions and help ya out.

Personally I would say dont take it to the dealer, half the fun is working on I mean fore play the bike yourself, the other half is riding.

If you got a manual do the maint as per required in the manual.

personally again I think an oil/filter change now is good would not hurt to wait one more ride.

But again its up to you, I would change the oil and filter becouse I just want good clean freash oil init not the crap yamaha ships with

Grease all the bearings yamaha is very meager there. Bearings = Head wheels and so on.

Good luck

hope it helps

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What type of oil should I use the oil from the dealer or 10/30 or what. Also from doing a search on past topics on break on this site it seems that changing the oil filter is difficult. Is that so?

No not at all

Just remember to blow the oil dran bolt hole clean. Debre gets caought in it and will strip the threads when you put it back together.

Oil Thats a big subject, Some swear by Mobil Red Cap, some others. I use Castrol Act-Evo 20-50.

I am going to switch to 10-40, next oil change or when I run out of the 20-50. The 10-40 is a synth mix but designed for Four Strokes.

Becarfull with Synthetics You need to get the non-energy absorbing. DO a search....Lots of info

it's not hard at all, just drain your oil, pop the filter cover, and pull out the filter.

Also, an easy way get the crap out of the allen head screw hole is use a q-tip. Do yourself a favor and plug the hole the goes from the filter to the drain hole. Ya dont really need it and the chips that you WILL get wont strip the thread in the case.

And, I would take the whole bike apart and grease it up. But thats me, I love taking crap apart. Im makes me confident in what I ride.

Read the manual, it is very good. If you follow the manual closely you should have no problems.


I was all excited whe I seen the subject title.

I thought this thread was going to be about the 2nd movie.....

Breakin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo


I just bought my 426 and did my first oil change and maint over the weekend. It was VERY easy. I have not worked on a motorcycle since the 4th grade. Amazingly the bike still worked after I performed the maintenance so I think I did it right.

In regards to the carrier on the back of your car...I bought one...put it on my car...put my brand new 426 on the carrier...and immediately said "no way!"...then I immediately returned the carrier to the dealer. I totally did not how the bike sat on the carrier. I bought a trailer for an awesome price...the same price of the carrier. The trailer works great!! Check out this link...

Check out the 745TC and the 830T models.


Thanks for all the info. Now I just need my damn bike from vegas. I just ordered the bike carrier that goes right into my hitch. I have benn reading the info posted on this site about them and looking at some other sites. They seem to be very convenient. Do any of you use one and if so do you like it? I ordered one from

I met a group of guys at the track one day and one guy who I met for the first time had one of these carriers. He was however driving an SUV and not a car. I did not study it closely but it seemed to get his bike to the track OK. From what I understand some hold the bike better than others. Maybe it's worth reading some reviews. The Thumpertalk homepage has some info on them, but I don't know if it's an ad or an unbiased review.

I have used a carrier many times. A couple x-tra tie downs and some thought about it was all I needed. It was on the back of a Jeep cherokee. not a car. I now have a truck so no more worries. I still have the carrier in case I need to carry a x-tra bike when my truck is full.

in reference to the carrier it will be on an expedition. I also went to sams clubs and bought some ratchet style tiedowns that hold up to 2500 pounds & I also have the ten dollar ones I bought from the dealer. Anyone else that knows someone with the carrier. I will check out that other site in reference to to the trailer. I ordered my carrier from His also has a brace that goes under the skid plate to give it stability. :)


the oil change procedure is at the last line of the 250F FAQ, which can be found via the following link --->

even though i wrote it for the 250F the oil change procedure is exactly the same for your 426.

jim aka the wrooster


Like EGO said, follow the manual and perform the maintenance as they suggest. Look at the "torque" table and learn where the fasteners are that have the little triangle next to them. These are to be checked after every race or ride. It is kind of a pain at first, but once you learn them, you will be able to run through them with a torque wrench rather quickly. I am very anal about up keep on my bike, probably too much, but I enjoy working on it and learning about it as much as I do riding it. I even keep a log of the riding time and maintenance I do. :) I am hoping that this will raise my resale value. :D

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