Anyone interested?

I am parting out a 426... replies from people interested in parts went downhill after my post was moved to the Parts for Sale forum. Is anyone interested in anything else?

2 rear wheels (one with tire, one without) complete. First wheel has brand new bearings and hub and has Dunlop tire, but needs to be trued. $270 for that one. Other wheel is complete and ready to be bolted on, but does not come with a tire... $270 for that one.

Also have parts such as frame, forks, swingarm, both brake systems, radiators, triple clamps, Yz426 silencer, ect... Pictures are at .

I am also wondering what fair prices are for these items. If you have any offers, are interested or anything, or can help me out with some fair prices, feel free to reply! Thanks..

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Got a left side radiator ?

I dont think anybody goes to the homepage that often. I bet most people bookmark right to the forum of their choice.

I keep forgetting the "for sale" stuff is on another forum.

I liked it better when people could post stuff in the forums for the specific bikes.

Yeah, I agree. The only people that visit the Parts For Sale page are the people that actually need parts because something of theirs broke. You dont get the responses from people thinkin gee, that's a good deal... i guess i could use an extra one of those.

Oh well... as long as you post an actual question though, I don't think the moderators mind. I actually am wondering what I can expect from these parts.


How 'bout the other radiator, right side (the one w/ cap)?

I didn't even know there was a For Sale forum! Shows how much I go to the home page. :)

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