Tech 8 vs. Tech 6

What's the difference in these two boots? The only thing I can tell is that you can get vented Tech 8's. Can some one make this clear for me?


The 8 has metal clips, booties inside, and other stuff I cant remember. I hear that they are super stiff before break in. I could ride in my 6's right out of the box. They needed no break in.

I love my Tech 6's....Alpinestars has been my boot of choice for quite a few years now, excellent fit, replaceable soles, comfortable, durable and plain old good!

What more to ask for in a boot!!??

A ten thou$and dollar ankle injury forced me to either buy the be$t protection, or give up what I love. Naturally, I bought Tech 8's. 8 year$ later, another horrendou$ accident with a trip to my ankle $peciali$t. He look$ over my ankle x-ray$, and proclaim$ that nothing i$ broken! And he had never $een an ankle $o trauma'd with no broken bone$! I wouldn't call it "walking" out of there with the bigge$t $mile of my life, but I hobbled out and people $till wonder what I'm $milling about! BUY TECH 8's!!!!!!!!!!!! Maniac

The Tech 8's break in really fast and are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. They have great support and I will be buying another pair seeing as some SOB stole them, along with every other piece of Moto gear my son and I owned!

I have tried them all,,having Sidi,Axo, Tech 6 and

Tech 8..There is NOTHING that can compare to

the TECH 8!. If you want the Best Boot then spend

the money..others are good like the Tech 6, but the Tech 8 offers Serious Protection and they are extremely comfortable.

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I have the Tech 8's too. I cannot say enough on the comfort factor of these boots. I just bought them before the Nevada 1000 race and put them on before the start with no break in. They were perfect in every way. I could seriously sleep in them every night with no problem they're that comfortable. The buckle system is great too. The little bootie inside just give you more comfy cushion. Get them, please trust me!! If you buy them and are unhappy you can flame me here forever.........Don't even waste your time and money to try and save 50-100 bucks on you precious feet......... (I think I made my point)

Oh and I like the Tech 8's. Until the Tech 10's come out.

I've got the Tech 8 and they're great so far (had them about a year). I've never really ridden in any other late model boot but I don't have any complaints about these. :)

Tech 7's

- Anyone still got a pair and if so what do you think of 'em?

sLayj :)

Well, since you guys leave me no other choice. Who has the best deals on these? I checked a few places that had them on sale and of course they make it up in shipping. Any suggestions?

My Tech's 6 are awesome. No break-in time required.



8's might need a little more breakin, but the protection is why you buy a boot anyway. I have 8's and I just went on walks with my wife with them on. Look a little funny, but after a couple of 2 mile walks they where fine.

Some places offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. I think $100 or so. I will look around and see if I can find something.


I think you should try on a pair of each and decide for yourself. I too agree the Tech 8's are the best boot for the $ but I didn't get the tight fit on the sides I got from the Tech 6. I love the Tech 6 fit and will not own another boot even if they were given to me.


I have a pair of 6 and 8's. I bought the 8's after a broken foot in the 6's (not the boots fault just me being stupid) but after the pain it cause I just can't put the 6's back on even though A* fixed them. Bottom line I think the 8"s look a little tougher and either boot you will be happy with as long as it is A*. Just my .02

The 8's seam real comfortable walking in my garage the foot has not allowed me back on by bike, maybe next weekend.

i pulled a ricky carmichael yesterday.... i was going up to about a 20 foot double in second which i always seat bounce and i hit the gas and there was nothing there, it just bogged. in my head i go, "well this sucks doesnt it" then my front tire hit right into the wall because its a table top landing that you have no other choice but to double or just go around. so i went over the bars and up onto the table, then my friend on a 125 was racing me a little bit and he was behind me and he ended up landing on my left leg and running it over, you can see the tread marks on the white of the boot. then my other leg ended up being trapped by the rear sprocket of the bike.

needles to say i wear tech 8's and alls i could feel both times was weight on my legs, no pain or anything or feeling of being squished, just a little bit of pressure pushing down. i cant count the other times my boots have saved me from twisting bending possibly breaking my ankles, i just love these boots!

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