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arizona Best spots in AZ for Winter Riding

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Hey guys,

I'm heading out for a months long winter riding trip to AZ soon, and I'm looking for some local input on the best places to ride. I am a b-level woods rider, and prefer singletrack but I'd like to get a good variety of riding in on this trip. So far my list includes:



Hayfield Draw

Four Peaks

Red Springs single track

Redington pass

Arizona Cycle Park 

Hot Wells Dunes


Are there any areas I'm missing for good winter riding?

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Boulders: Great 2 track and single track. Its good to know someone who knows this place.

Wildcat: Great single track that is pretty easy to find. Decent amount of SxS to watch out for. Stay on single track and you will be good

Hayfield Draw: Meh... if you are up in that part of town then go 

Four Peaks: SxS city with morons shooting guns. I know some places up there are good but I havent been 

Red Springs single track: Never been

Redington pass: Never been

Arizona Cycle Park: Best MX track in AZ. Great vet track if you want to take it easy or pro track is great to hit big jumps 

Hot Wells Dunes: Looks like a cool place, havent been. 


Check out: 

White tanks or 219 ave. Open dez with some single track

Canyon MX is a 2nd place to ACP but a far second

Lake pleasant has some riding but I think its SxS city

Rio Verde ( technically part of wildcat)  

Alto pits in prescott isnt bad. 

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On top of those mentioned, I rode some pretty knarly singletrack trails at sycamore creek last time I was out there.

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