Any tips on putting number backrounds on?

Any tips on putting number backrounds on?

Clean plastic really really good. Spray with a little windex and apply the sticker. Let stand until dry. The windex will allow you to slide the sticker around until you place it where you want it. I have never had any problems.

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I dont put backgrounds on the side panels. They are too curvy. The background wont flow around the bends. Just put the numbers on and forget about them.

My favorite way of placing number plate backgrounds is to use some soapy water or windex. Spray over the number plate.

Peel the backing off of the number plate.

Get someone to help align the backing with the holes and edges.

Place the nuber plate backing down on the number plate in the middle and work outwards.

Use a hairdryer to warm the backing and smooth it towards the outsides.

The heat will let the backing stretch as well as shrink where needed, it works great.

Use a pin to pierce any remaining bubbles and push air out of them.

With all of the bikes I have gone through I am getting real good at number plate backgrounds, practice makes frickin perfect :)

Originally posted by pavelkod:

Any tips on putting number backrounds on?


After a couple of beers a few wrinkles don't seem so bad....... :)

Tips for backgrounds? Hmm, seems like they'd be heavy, just color them in with a crayon.

I dont bother with backgrounds, my sideplates look like they've been dragged down the road anyway, and I dont fall off all that much. Boots tear'm up pretty good. The sticker would end up looking like crap in nothing flat anyway.

Originally posted by pavelkod:

Any tips on putting number backrounds on?

Here's a tip.

Always put the sticky side "TOWARD" the bike/plastic, otherwise they'll just fall on the ground :D:):D

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