wr400 series or honda 400-650r?

I keep shopping and it looks like Ill be spending atleast $3,000 to get a good, clean well maintained wr which isnt a problem. What about the honda xr400 or 650r? Similar horsepower more horse power? I know the 650r is alittle heavy. What are your guys thoguhts? Thanks

the XR400 would make a good, plonking, slow and gnarly terrain bike.

The 650 would be good for Baja, and high speeds, but is brutally heavy.

The WR's engine, in the "modified" form destroys an XR. I do use my WR on "Goat" trails. I have geared it down one tooth up front which helps out.

Scott this is a blue forum bro......come on! Actually Kevin summed it up very nicely.They all have their weaknesses.

But for versatility and long term rider skill development the Yammi is tough to beat.Just have fun. :thumbsup:

I know we dont talk red riders here but I needed to make sure that I was sold on the wr and now I am. Now I just need to find a good used on in the great lakes area. Anyone know anybody splitting with theirs. I have tried ebay and cycle trader but they really arent used anywhere

Just keep your eyes open and even consider a older 400. With the new cam, it can't be beat :thumbsup:

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