Hows this price?

I'm looking at a 94 XR650lr with 1600 miles on it, the bike is in great shape. The guys asking $2000 for it, but that seems a little high (nada $1400)to me for a bike that old, even with low miles and good condition. But I also realize that the market for a particular bike can some times drive up the price. Any input would be appreciated, thanks Andy

In my view that is a very reasonable price for a bike with only 1600 miles on it. It is identicle to a 2004 model except for the color scheme and if it is great shape it is worth what is being asked. At least here in California, land of the high priced bikes, it is. Offer him less and if he takes it even better. :thumbsup:

Shoot, where is it located? For that price I'd buy it just to beat around town on.

1600 miles? are you sure you didn't leave a zero out?

that means the bike has only been ridden an average of 13 miles a month since it rolled off the dealer floor.

what is the owner like? is he an old guy that had the bike behind his motorhome? every now and then you hear about guys who find ten-year-old dual sport bikes in great condition being sold super cheap cause some old guy had em on a tray on the back of their touring rig. this sounds like your situation.

i'd jump on it as long as the guy aint white washin ya.

pay 2k and you got a deal. pay anything under that and you got a hell of a deal!

If you don't hurry & buy it one of us will!!!

Go for it :thumbsup::devil:



I paid $2700 for my '94 with 6k miles on it!

Thanks guys, If I end up passing on it I'll post contact info on the 4m. :thumbsup:

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