VP U4 Race Gas question for 04 yz450f

Has anyone had a good/bad experience using U4 VP race gas?

I bought some to try out, My dealer said to mix the race gas 50/50 with supream pump gas. The bike will have a better hit. I do like to smell of the exaustt.

Can anyone supply feedback :thumbsup:!

I have not used VP gas on my WR. However I used to use it with my 2-stroke CR250 in past and it seem to work good with a 50-50 mix. I now use a mix of 111 race gas from the local race car track gas station. I use 2-3 mix with premium 92 to get a 95-96 ratio. That is what the book recommends. There has been a lot of posts on this issue and it seems the consensus is that you do not want to get too high or too low on the octane. The bikes run best around that 95-96 octane level. :thumbsup:

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