00 wr400 suspension set up help

I weigh 145lb and ride trails 100% of the time, what should my front shocks be set on soft or how many clicks softer or harder and same for the rear?and where should the dampining be set ft an rear?

any suggestions would be great!


You weigh less than 90% of the riders here. There may not be much help. Be sure to set your sag per the manual and you will probably use lighter settings on compression but near standard on rebound. Stock springs will be in the range unless you jump alot and land hard.


Thanks james

I really appreciate your help.I'll try to leave you alone for awile!

No problem, keep asking and it usually generates discussion.


Based upon my experience, I think the stock suspension is fine for trailing riding and your weight.

If you do MX you may want to get the suspension revalved stiffer.

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