Problems with FasstCo Anti-Vibration Bar Inserts and Pro-Tapers, I think I'm Screwed.

I have a new set of Pro-Taper bars and I just received my bar inserts. I installed one on the throttle side with no problem; fit perfect. The clutch side is where I'm having a problem. The bar insert would go in half way and get stuck. I removed the O-ring and still got stuck. I started hammering the insert in and then decided to pull it out with some pliers, which scared the brass insert. My bars are new and I have not fallen or crashed since putting them on. I thought maybe the diameter of the inserts were different. I pulled the one out on the throttle side and tried to install it on the clutch side and the same thing happened. At this point I was too frustrated and I hammered the bar insert all the way in. I turned my bike on and I think the vibration is worse with the bar insert. The brass insert is in full contact with bar, and I think it's making it worse. Only the rubber end should make contact with the bar. This is my first set of Pro-Tapers and inserts. Two things come to mind, either the inside of the Pro-Taper Bar is inconsistant, or FasstCo didn't design their product well. I called FasstCo and asked them if they sent me the correct inserts and they told me that Pro-Tapers are usually a problem with bar inserts. I guess their money-back guarantee is useless when you can get the bar insert out of your bars. Now What??? :)

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I was not told that I would have a problem with Pro Tapers and I didn't. Not only did they go in ok on mine while they were on my 97 CR250 vibrator, but when I went to remove them and put the tapers on my 426 they came right out and went back into renthals for the vibrator with no problem. I know mine came with multiple end pieces so I could switch them around for the setup I was running and I did not have a problem. I would send the handlebars with the stuck insert to fasstco and make them honor their guarantee if that means replacing everything. One thing which may have happened was that they may have been tightened down before you put them in but if you said the throttle side went in ok but then wouldn't on the clutch side maybe that was not it. even before, but especially after reading mxa's article on how protapers are made in the magazine this month, I cannot imagine the bars being messed up, but I guess sh1t happens. If you followed directions and it did not work, new parts should be bestowed upon you. good luck.

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