How hot were you today?

The western states set new records in high tempertures today.

It was 107 here.

How hot was it in your neck of the woods?

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We we're 104 in Central Oregon. Hotter than Hades today. :D:)

We had 112 on the billboards off of the asfalt.

115 :)

A hunna an sumfin'!!!! :)

Ninty Twoooooo.........

Dodger :):D

82 :)

we finally got a break from all the 89 to 98 degree heat with that excessivly large amount of humidity we seem to get

A chilling 74 degreees... :D

Last week in the 100s, dew point in high 80s though, very un-comfy. :)


Ah, gotta love New England.

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Twas right around 100 when I left for the evening ride, only to discover I hadnt adjusted the forks properly after my last meeting with the dirt, :)


It was nice and cool here today but it wasn't cool enough. My friend's 87 kx 125 broke a coolant line, lost half the coolant, and seized a big end rod bearing. I tore it down to find the problem and ended up runnin down the driveway and slammed it into first and presto one unseized bearing. I usually wouldnt do that but the owner refuses to spend anymore money on it. It should work for a few hunded feet :)

109 Today, 108 Yesterday, 109 The day before...<BIG><BIG>85 TOMORROW</big></big> The stupid this was about dehydration...I make five laps...I get a headache from lack of sodium. I love KANSASSSS.

The 'Hopper'

Said 112 here in Sacramento. Yesterday it was 107 and the wife and I went riding. I'll second the "Bend Rules" comment. I grew up there and still love going up there to visit the folks, even if it is 104.

Just bearly hit 100 in the shade on the cool side of the house today,,,,,,so we spent the day in the pool. splish splash

It's only in the 80's (low 80's probably) here for a change. But it's only because of ALL THE STINKIN RAIN! Anyone want any rain?

It got so hot in Hollister

the Illegal Alians Ran for Shade :)

Looks like it will be around 90 today. It was 102 yesterday and between 110 and 112 monday. Thank goodness the clouds are rolling in.

NANNY NANNY BOO BOO, I win, I Win for the hottest>>>>> YAH :)

Redding Ca is supposed to reach 120 this afternoon

I heard on the moring radio news coming into work that a group of kids in Pleasinton CA placed an iron skillet on the side walk for 30 minutes then broke and cooked an egg on it yesterday :)

[ July 11, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Hey ego, if that made the morning news, maybe I should move there if that is all that's going on!!!!! :)

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