learning to ride from a video cassete...

i never learend how to ride from anyone, i just got my first bike at 1996 and started to gas it...

i think i ride very good, im not a pro in my country but sometimes i ride with the pro's and still can c their tails...

i ride mostly enduro tracks but sometime i ride motocross also. i never touch the suspension but a few clicks harder on the compression when i move to dunes or motocross track.

do u think i can learn anything from a video cassete - the one offered in db magazine?


Knowledge can be picked up in the weirdest places. All you have to lose is the cost of the tape. You may pick up something basic or a different view point that could improve your riding tremendously. Or, the tape could just confirm that you are doing everything right. I say give it a shot.


P.S. Be careful over there. Stay safe.

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