what is the best tire...........

rear tire for 426 on hard terrain and rocks?

I have to use a 739 Desert AT on my 426 for summer riding. It lasted quite well through last summer and still has some life left in it for this summer. The Clear Creek area will quickly destroy a 756.

I like the 739 myself. The AT is a thicker version of the standard 739 that better resists punctures and can protect the rim better than the standard if you need to run it flat to get back to base. The 739 has good grip and lasts longer than several other tires I've tried.

Hey Gal

I think the last Dirt Bike or MXA had a good article on tires and compared the top brands

Might want to look at them

I am looking to replace the 756's now with some Perrilis Intermediats

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