Metzger's backflip has Metzgers backflip on video. He made it look easy. According to the website, Pastrana also has the backflip down now too.

I think that what these guys do are great and I can really appreciate the talant or Cahona's it takes to do this.

But I do have a real problem with the image this portaits to kids that think they can do it all. There is a dark side to the Freestyle world that no one seams to talk about.

Kids every year who look up to these guys are getting hurt real bad as they attempt to do these stunts. Kids are shattering bones, becomeing paralized and worst dying in an attempt to be like these guys.

I wish I could see these guys really make an effort to tone down the coolness they try to represent.

I dont know just trying to start a thought thread here.

MX tracks are now jump, turn jump jump, turn and jump due to the influence of freestyle and supercross. When I go to the local sand pit I see the ramps these kids have made trying to emulate the freestyle boys. They are going to meet Mr. Pain and he is not a nice guy.

Ego wrote: Kids every year who look up to these guys are getting hurt real bad as they attempt to do these stunts. Kids are shattering bones, becomeing paralized and worst dying in an attempt to be like these guys.

Yznvegas: You have a point but don't kids break stuff everyday riding moto's too? Look at some of the ridiculous triple jumps out there now, those are very dangerous too.


I agree with that totally, Beezer puts in a good point also that coincides with your thoughts.

Supercross used to be a good sport with somewhat of a outdoors kinda layout. (If thats possible in a stadium)

Now it is as beezer points out Jump Turn Jump Turn Jump Jump Jump Turn

Out doors have become as bad also. The Euro GP's are still holding form to the out door old style tracks....

But heres another point,

I broke my right shoulder, right elbo and sprung my right ankle, at the same time jumping garbage cans on my Schwin stingray as a kid.

I wanted to be like Evil K, The diff here I see is I had a helmet on and my leather mx pants on.

Evil always wore a helmet and advocated safty.

These guys you see in the Vidio's no helmet no shirt no safty

Where is the acountablity there...

[ July 11, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Actually, Ego I think there are several that agree with you. I think I saw this on Racer X Ill website. Or maybe it was msnbc news or something but they pretty much had the same thoughts as you.

Ok, I'll play this from the other side. Not claiming it's the right side but more so food for thought in an interesting conversation. (So no FLAMES please. :)

There's nothing wrong with pushing sports to new heights. I wonder if the same things were said about BMX when it was first introduced. (Maybe not because the ramnification are probably not as bad as missing it.)

As for kids emulating them again I would tend to think that goes back to the parents. I had idols when growing up and am a pretty decent rider and I would never contemplated on doing something like that because I knew the risks and the rewards and I valued my life and the things I have more than that.

So that makes me ask why kids would do such things. Probably because they want to emulate their stars. But deeper than that is it because they are deprived of attention or have not been taught to appreciate life and what all it has to offer and make them realize that risking life and limb for a flip isn't worth the reward. If a kid has the make up to where they don't comprehend this or just doesn't care then maybe they shouldn't have a bike until they can show the responsibility and understanding that they at least need to master the bike on the level of a Pastrana or Metzger before they attempt it.

Just like the kid in FL who killed a girl emulating his favorite wrestler. How can you blame wrestling, TV or any other thing. Ideas for things are going to come from everywhere and you can't shield kids from everything but you can establish values and help them figure out things along the way. (And no I'm not a wrestling fan and I'm sure there are exceptions to this.)

On the flip side, the way society is now and always looking for somebody else to blame for problems, what would concern me (outside the shear fact these poor kids are getting hurt.) is the fact that the naysayers are only going to focus on the negatives and the injuries could just get twisted and associated with dirt bikes and give these individuals ammo when trying cut out riding areas and such.

Kfrosty wrote: So that makes me ask why kids would do such things. Probably because they want to emulate their stars. But deeper than that is it because they are deprived of attention or have not been taught to appreciate life and what all it has to offer and make them realize that risking life and limb for a flip isn't worth the reward.

Yznvegas: Geese, you think Pastrana is starved for attention??? Wow, you are looking into this way too deeply. I think it is more a matter of these guys going, "ok, weve done 5,000 supermans and that is boring, lets push the envelope a little further.

This is just a matter of how sports progress, by pushing the envelope.

I don't know what to say about this, Hmmmmmm, well where would pastrana be today, or metzger or any of the freestyle guys, they took the chances back when they first started trying these tricks. I am sure plenty of them have gotten hurt many times trying tricks. I would love to be able to do a superman, or even just a real nice whip, but I don't want to hurt me or my $6,000 bike. But everyone has to try some jumps and everyone thinks about it while in the air (I can throw one leg off, then the other then no hands) some people will crash others will get good at it. Point is, kids are always gonna look up to their elders and wanna do what they do. The image that some of the freestylers are showing is extreme and yes that probably hurt some kids, they should probably be ratings on such movies but you really can't rate the x-games and such. I guess I have a two sided view on this because you never will learn freestyle if you don't try but you definitely can get hurt trying also.......... :) Frank

You guys should watch the ultimate-x movie in the imax theater. It's really entertaining, but at the end they do have (admittadly a small amount) of talk about injuries. They show the guy miss the superman seat grab and bounce off the ground (talk about give me the willies). They they ask some of the guys to list their injuries, and after hearing some of them I'm shocked that the guys are still around to talk about it!

I agree with the values thing. The parents need to teach the kids about reality, that's a parents job. Kids are kids and sure most will try some risky stuff, but jumping garbage cans and trying a flip are 2 totally different things! There is always going to be that one town idiot who will never listen and do it anyway, but the people who participate in the x-games have to come from somewhere. :)

Kids are going to do things be it a dare, to impress someone or just for the heck of it. We have all been there before. I can't begin to count the times I thought I was having the time off my life until I got hurt. Luckly, I have never been seriously injured (knock on wood). All we can do is try to teach the ones we bring along be it your kid or the kid down the street to wear some protective gear and try to think before you do something.

My godson thought that freestyle was the coolest thing out and couldn't wait to try some of that stuff and get "air" as he puts it. But, after getting him a pw80 and teaching him how to ride and about the right gear to wear, I think he has a new respect for the sport. Will he try something stupid? I am sure somewhere along the line he will do something. I just hope he has on the right gear, doesn't get seriously hurt and can learn from his mistake. That's all I can ask because he is going to be a kid no matter how much he sees on tv or how much someone yells out the window to slow down.

By the way, the backflip is cool as hell!!!

You can almost tell who has kids and who doesn't. :D

Everything said above is accurate, but it is natural for people (parents) not involed in a particular sport or hobby to look to place blame. The parents do not understand. It is kind of like the guy who sues a MX track because he crashed and got hurt. Not to mention he was rididng a dirt bike and trying to jump a 90' triple?!

In reality these freestyle guys are only doing what they enjoy. Plus they are getting paid to do it. That's the kind of job I want. :)

The lack of safety gear is for effect and sensationalism. That is what sells videos. Soon you will see safety discalaimers just like on MTV's Jackass. However, that won't stop anyone from doing what they want to do, impress chicks, right? :D

I say let people do as they please, teach your children well and they will likely do the right thing.

I am 13 years old and ride a 1997 RM 125(soon to be 2003 YZ 250F) and I know my limits. Now . . I had a TT-R 125 and there was a 5-10 foot double at this place I ride at with my dad. I had done it thousands of times and decided a one hander wouldn't hurt. I went at it and was paying so much attention to the one hander I cased the jump bad enough to flip over the handle bars. No broken bones but a valuable lesson learned. My dad asked me how I crashed and I said I landed on my front end to much and fell over the front, typical kid I know. I see the X Games and I have a great respect for every one of them but I know that it took lots of experience for them to do their first no hander or whip. I can't wait for the day that I can lay it sideways but I don't have to do it now. There is no point. In a few years I might try some things to show off but not for now. I look up to Travis Pastrana more then any of the other freestylers. He for one is only 4 years older then me. He also is a good guy. He has no peircings or tattoos and that is great. I don't know why people do that anyways, to get that bad boy image I suppose. I think you'll earn more respect in the long run by being the 'good boy'. Well I just realized I this probably doesn't make much sense but I tried. I hope it makes sense to you.


You make a lot of sence and it sound real good coming froma 13 year old. I hope the best for you in the years to come.

I too think that Travis is a great attribute and ambasador for the sport. Just wish there were more like hime.

My point on the Tatoos / peircings (Bad Boy Image) was to make that point, FastFrank, I hope you did not take it wrong from me. The image thng s a reflection of the sociaty we live in, Unfortunatly the result is snot nosed lil brats that show no respect at all for life or anyone else's life for that matter. It goes beyond anything we can imagine I thnk, Music , culture and attitude of people are just in the toilet.

[ July 11, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Hey about the music. Our music is great. When you were a kid (I don't know how old you are) what did your parents think of your music. Just a thought. It seems everybodys parents don't like what there kids listen to.

Nooooo Your music Sucks

Our music was great

Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Beatles and so on

what do you have Nine inch nails, Insane clown, egad

I am my parents :)


My boy is just barely 4 and has been on his pw50...(yeh I know 2smoker.....but it is BLUE) since he was just barely 2. YES riding it at 2years old!!! I built training wheels for him so he could get the jist of throttle and brakes.

The wk after he turned 4 y/o (mid march) he started riding w/o the training wheels!

About 2wks later I built him a jump for his bicycle with a piece of plywood and a 4x4.

So it is only 5inches high but still pretty good for a 4yo!!! I have since (after he asked ) built it up another 2inches!!!

Pretty cool to see the kid with his elbows up and head forward jumpin' about 2-3feet forward!!!

He does this on his PW too!

But I would have to say ..........if he EVER EVER puts an earring in his body or a tatto on himself, I would have to say that there will be a serious ***A***** kickn' and the Mcycle will be a goner!!!

Why cant we have more ppl like Travis or Tony Hawk in these sports????!!!

These guys are class acts.


Call me OLD school but that is the way I feel.

I think that kids are going to do SOMETHING so it might as well be be something constructive mcycles or Baseball!


And by the way, we either live with risk, or we live with regret.

Take your pick.

Sure E.G.O., that stuff then rocked, Zepplin, Floyd... But the music now definitely kicks, like Black Label it, bleed it. :)

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