Metzger's backflip

Sho' man E.G.O., dat stuff den rocked, Zepplin, Floyd... But da damn beat now definitely kicks, likes Black Label Society. Slap mah fro! it, bleed it. Man! :)

Well put Bullit boy.


You Say

I say let people do as they please, teach your children well and they will likely do the right thing.

So how do you explain the Spikes in peoples Faces and peircings and tattoos and all the stuff these safty concious freestylers wear?

Thats another part of the sport I dont understand, So to be a freestyler ya gotta have a nail sticking out of your chin and a custom paint job on your body.

Dont get me wrong I have a pierced ear (Drunk That Day) and a couple tats, but nothing in comparison to the body butchering that you see.

To me thats trailor trash and isnt teaching anyone anything.

And leting your kids be what they want to be is good, but Constraint and boundries and consequences is what is like turning a blind eye to your kids to let the street raise them. Ya you are right about you can tell who has and who has not kids

Just keeping the thought alive.

Great posts here good thread.

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My solution to all this is to buy my own track. I hate freestyle, tattos and piercings. Myself and 2 buddies are looking for property so we can start our own track. The one track in the district that is obstacle free gets double the turnout of any other track. I'm in the process of coming up with the track rules now. The best rules have come about after a few Heinekins.

1 Track to have a maximum of 5 jumps. No doubles triples or rythymn sections.

2 Any one tattoo or piercing free gets to run an

extra practice free.

3 No fat girls in tube tops.

4 Any parent caught berating their child will be asked to leave.

5 No pressure washers.

6 No loud stereo's unless I like what they are playing.

Yes this a is good thread and has brought up some very good points. NO, I don't have kids(don't know if I ever will)but I can definitely say that one day if I ever have a son then he will ride motorcycles. I really just wish that I could have been introduced to them at a younger age and maybe would have had the chance to race.

Now also I see what you are saying Ego about the piercings and tatoos all over these guys, It seems to me that that has just become the norm throughout the country in the past couple of years, I have four tatoos and both my ears pierced. Growing up it seemed as people with tattoos and piercings were weird. Well call me weird now because if I had a dollar for everyone person just in the people I hang with that have tattoos and piercings I wouldn't have to work for a while LOL. I don't know guess I just like it, and you only live once!! Peace! Frank


Collinga hey how is the smell these days from Harris Ranch ? Ever make it to clear creek?


You muzic is ok, I listen to some, dont take my remark seriuos Me goofin.

OH I am the bad boy huh? with piercings and tat's LOL, Nah, you did not offend me Ego, (imagine that Ego offended somebody) I just look at it like "different strokes for different folks" I have great respect for Pastrana also. when I went to the Atlanta Supercross I wanted to see Travis kick azz so bad he came out just rocking and looked like he really had a shot but he had been sick and he just got wore out after a couple of laps. Pastrana is definitely Mr. Freestyle and one heck of a rider but you are right he really does not portray that Bad Boy image. I think our sport is doing nothing but getting more and more popular and I look forward to seeing where it goes in the next few years. If I ever have a son you can guarantee he will be on a pw50 as soon as he can turn the throttle and push the break. Props to all you fathers out there that take the time out of your life to introduce your kids to the best sport ever invented. "Motorcycling" whether it be street or dirt!! Peace, Frank :)

Well heck yeah we go to Clear Creek. The weather is going to have to cool down a bit before we head back up. And the smell from Harris', it's not too bad. On the days that I cannot smell it at all, I will drive to it to get a wiff.

They keep telling me it smells like money, but I still don't smell the resemblance. :)

Ya we go by it I see Jumbo Jack, Big-N-Tasty and the Whopper, so I guess you can see the money part.

I only go to Clear Creek when its winter, the asbestos in the summer, sure why not just play in it :)

I am at Hollister hills most the time, we shoud hook up at clear creak in the winter at first rain

I just want to ask everyone what does tattoo's and piercings have to do with anything. You guys would be suprised of how many siuts are your so called "BAD BOY" types

No No No

Those guys in suits are weekend wannaB's

such as what showed up this weekend at Hollister Rally

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I'll be around, send me a PM when you are going to head in that direction. That white stuff up there isn't asbestos, really. :D Maybe ttttthaats wawahats....wwwrong with me! :)

DUDE WHATS WRONG WITH TATS AND PIERCINGS???? I have almost 35 hours of ink and 5 piercings. I ride only moto-x and i dont act like a punk. I think just because you have ink and metal you shouldn't be stereotyped. I work and go to school full time( firescience) and I have my EMT. All my tats can be hidden with a t-shirt and pair of pants and my piercings can be taken out need be I understand where all you parents are coming from but getting tats and piercings has nothing to do with the way you act. Im sorry to rag but I love all my ink, every piece is a custom piece and I love them all. well hope i got my point accross

I'm not sure what to think about the tatoo's and the image portrayed to the public from the freestyle guys. On one hand, they push the envelope a great deal getting publicity to the dirtbike sport, but then the publicity isn't always politically correct with the appearance some of them have. The publicity is good because it brings mx more often to TV and the sponsors come around also. I think if the sponsors had a problem with the appearance of the riders they would ask them to keep their shirts on to cover up any skin art. The top guys get paid for doing it anyway so the sponsors probably have already put in thier two cents worth. I think children are influenced by what they see on TV such as the freestyle riders, mx'ers, or even wrestlers, but the biggest influence on a child is/should be their parents. Just to point out something, at least when the freestyle guys are interviewed we understand them, but man, when some of those foreign guys win a national or SX event, I can't understand a damn word they say!

About Pastrana doing a backflip -

I bet DeCoster is in the hospital now with heart trouble!!!

Dethwsh, that's a great point. Pastrana hurt himself before last supercross season because of some "stunt" while practicing for the x-games I believe it was.

Smart money would be invested in companies that make tattoo removal lasers. All these kids will become middle aged and want them off. Nothing looks worse than a droopy old tattoo. Tattoos are 50 times harder to remove than apply.

All this Tattoo bashing is stupid. Tattoo's are not for everyone. No parent should let there kid get one until the kid is 18. A Tattoo is a comitment--for life. You should think about what you want (art work) for at least 6 months to a year before you get it, that will pretty much insure that you will still like your subject matter for the years to come. Closed minded attitudes do alot more damage in this world than any Tattoo ever will. Piercings are fine, they are removable. Just close your eyes Beezer and open your mind it is all going to be alright. The music rocks, Bad Religion, Millencollin, Disturbed, Zepplin, Hank Jr. etc. It is all good after all, it is music. What does any of this have to do with motorcycles? Just open your mind!!!!---Mike eh? OK we can still linch the back steet boys :)

Next time they show video from a prison see how many inmates have tattoos. Then next NASCAR race see how many of the drivers are tattooed or pierced. No NASCAR sponsor is going to have some freak driving. People have the right to look any way they choose. But with that choice comes a price tag. People automatically assume the worst. Go to a job interview with a bone through your nose and see what happens. Any way if your happy with ink and piercings good for you. If you need attention that badly set yourself on fire that will get you noticed.

AZ918MAN & Beezer

AZ beezer answers your question, its not sterio type its profiling, if you take Beezers remark (100%) true in the buisnes world, then ther is profiling. Unfortunatly thats life. I agree some kids with tats and peircing are good kids, But so are a percentage of Harly riders. Its that few percent that ruin the sport.

There is a saying hang with dogs you bound to get flea's. I think you can stretch that to include look like a hoodlum ?? you bound to get Profiled.

Thats all Im gonna say intresting posts though.

I lied I will say one more and drop out of it.


Smart money would be invested in companies that make tattoo removal lasers. All these kids will become middle aged and want them off. Nothing looks worse than a droopy old tattoo. Tattoos are 50 times harder to remove than apply

Ya know When I was young I thought ya I can do this I can do that, Now my hearing is shot due to duel 500 watt amps, in my truck and too many indoor races with no ear plugs. Ya hind site is 20/20, I would bet Beezers statement is so true in 20. Those that peirced the tongue nose eyes nipples and who know what else, will find it real dificult to get jobs in the real world looking like the just came from a Circus Act...

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