Metzger's backflip

OK Folks.... Just a little more food for thought.

Befor you read any further, understand this... "I" realize that I'm not pointing my finger at any of you guys any more then at myself. Please realize it too. Got It? Good. Read on.

To all of you who have posted for far... You all bring to this thread some good input. I hope that this next bit of infomation will be help us understand what kind of impact "Sports Stars" have on us regular T.V. watching, sports event attending, logo buying, brand loyal to the death (That's me), individules.

Can we say (I almost choke when type this) Dennis Rodmen. QUICK WHERE IS NEAREST PLACE I CAN VOMIT. Boy that smells funny, looks funny too. :) OK back to my point. I can still hear (Oh boy... I feel my tummy starting to rummble again) Charle Barkley saying that "I am not a roll model". BULL PUCKIE! These people, and any other person who is in the lime light, are very much roll models and anybody who thinks otherwise is wrong.

The nail could not have been hit more squarely then by E.G.O. & THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER about being the kind of parent who puts the time in with there own kids to teach them "real life".

I am going to steal a term from the old E.G.O. here? Can we say "Sheeple" :D We are all guilty of it form time to time.

So What is my point you ask. Quite simple.

*Do you have holes in your body that God didn't put there? I don't

*Do you have ink on you body that God didn't put there? I don't

*Can you do a back flip with your bike? I can't

*Will I put holes in my body and ink all over the rest of it to empower myself to accomplish these "TRICKS"? NOPE!!!!!

Thanks Mom for giving me a great start on life. I love you :D:D

p.s. If your thinking about rippin on me because it sounds like I ripped on all you who have holes and ink, don't. All three of my kids (All grown up now) have lots of "extra" stuff and that is OK with me. I know that there mom and I have raised them smart enough to do the right thing no matter what is on the out-side.


Ditto thanks

I feel very sorry for you people. ---Mike


Open Me Mind to what? ZEN, Hen, Oh-la-la Wobi-Dobi

Ok Ok Ok I get Opening my mind




I see a far off place, a place were Oh..Oh.. U-oh

That far of place is the Bathroom and I gotta go

Hey it works Thanks


Sometimes I feel very sorry for me too!

I’m sorry for Beezer too :D

In fact I' sorry for Bra-Bra Striesand, Hilary, Billy Boy, Tom Daschel, Michael Jackson, N.O.W., and most people that are under the influence of stupidity :)

In My Best Pee-Wee Herman


OK! I have called your local chapters of the tattooed hoodlum union. we are watching you! :) Really though, use your head not your Ego, A-hole :D ---Mike

Originally posted by Superbike:

I feel very sorry for you people. ---Mike

Ok Mike... Would you like to explain your thought so we can understand just what you feel so "sorry" for? Or.... Did you not completely read my post as well as all the others. I think that what I've said was very open minded while not pointing my finger at anyone in a bad way. Heck, if I pointed at anyone it was myself. I'm not rippin on ya I would just like to know.


I thought it was clear,

But I guess Stuperbike took exception :)

Stuperbite Wrote

use your head not your Ego, A-hole ---Mike

Oh Man that hurt, I am hurt that you would refer to me as that Other Ego Guy :D

Moderator Moderator A secret reply to SuperBike Dont Clik Me

[ July 16, 2002: Message edited by: E.G.O.**** ]

Ego don't If I remember correctly you have a couple of tat's and an earring right?? LOL

"Different strokes for Different Folks!!"


Had Earing

Tats are pretty much faded away. But I have no issues on that, unless youcan find were I say diff.

My point was image, and the Bad boy image those that are covered with them portray?

Yes I agree that alot of these racer's are portraying the bad boy image, but their are alot worse things out there, I sure would rather my kid be like Metzger or Pastrana than be someone like Dennis Rodman or say the guys from Slipnot or something. Not flaming on ya Ego, just trying to keep the thread going it has had some very good points.. Frank


Totally agree

how bout the &%$#@! marilin Manson

ya thats someone I woud love for my daughter er uh my son uh oh geez I dont know what that is.....

No flame takin

When I was growing up long hair was "in". I kept my hair short, I looked like a nice young man. If there was a bigger ******* then me on the planet I would have shocked.

When the guys from back in the day get together they say "Beezer remember when you.......". When I got pulled over the cops would let me go, my buddies couldn't drive around the block without a ticket.

It was all in the appearances.

Now that I have kids the shoe is on the other foot. Someone is going to TRY to do to my daughter what I did to someone else's daughter years back.

The more Go-Go bars you visit the larger your daughters breasts are going to be.

I'm DOOMED. :)


Man, I was just playing too! You chose the name, I just used it to my advantage :) I hope I did not come off wrong! ---Mike

Originally posted by FASTFRANK:

the guys from Slipnot

Dude, I love the "Iowa" album!! Those guys are great musicians. Some of it's really good and well... some is crap. Marlyn Manson has some pretty good tunes too but mostly crap (and nothing like Glenn Campbell)!! It's all about parenting if you ask me. When I was a youngster one of my idols was Evil Kneivel. Just because he jumped Ceasers doesn't mean that I tried to jump my parents house. When I was 9 (1977) my dad took me and my brother to see Kiss and Cheap Trick at the forum in LA. Even at nine I knew Gene Simmons wasn't really spitting up blood and my parents were understanding of my liking of the band and they were there with me. If you've ever seen the movie "Detroit Rock City"? It shows a mom trying to keep her son away from Kiss, my parents were just the opposite saying: This is all an act!! It's just pretend!! I think that parenting is so underrated... My Mom and Dan were consistantly good and reliable parents always showing me right from wrong.

Getting back to the backflip. That was perfect!! The best I've seen. If I had a son I would tell him not to do it unless he trained for it, I mean really trained for it.

Oh, and Pastrana? He doesn't want to win anymore, isn't it obvious? He just want's to be a kid and have fun (I can't blame him). Remember when MC left Honda cuz they didn't want him to do anything that would get him hurt? Travis should be right with Charmichael right about now but doesn't have the drive too.

Tatoos, I would love to have one but there's nothing that I want to have inked on my body. Koi fish? Roses? Kiss? Hmmmmm.......

Dan :)

[ July 16, 2002: Message edited by: Dan Lorenze ]

Not knocking the music that Slip knot sings or growls (can't quite figure what they are doing), Now Ego, Marilyn Manson that guy has some serious issues, I might like his beat occasionally but I personally will never own one of his albums. to me all I have seen from him is some fu#$^ed up stuff. I am listening to Spineshank right now and if you have ever heard of them they are about as hard core as I want to hear, not the "shoot your mamma, shoot your daddy, barbecue the dog, microwave the cat" stuff that Manson sings or trys to sing. But hey guys these are only my opinions and nothing more. Frank

You guys are all right, or at least as far as I read. I am 15. My dad takes me out to the local area (called Poole Rd.) and leaves me there. I ride with a helmet and gloves, no other protective gear, and mostly alone, unless I find people to ride with (there are plenty of them). It isn't the safest, but hey I ride. And most kids don't try big stunts until they are comfortable with it. I know, I am kinda novice, 8ft of air is huge to me, and my suspension is gone from getting that high (I ride a dual sport). You guys shoudl all just Chill.

What ever happended to talking about the back flip???

Someone earlier mentioned piecings and I can tell you first hand that having a provocative person does NOT make you white trash or less of a person.

My girlfriend of many years for instance is a masters degreed (working on PHD) professional and she happens to have her belly button pierced.

Does that make her white trash? No, I don't think so, so keep your stupid blanket statements to yourself.


I didn't know you owned the board.

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