Metzger's backflip


Actually Vegas if you did your homework on peircings and women being pierced, you would know that there has been a growing presance of middle eastern and indian culture premating our own culture.

Fact is piercing in the US has a middle eastern and Indian influance.

For women in these cultures, it is a known fact that those that pierce certain areas of the body along with toe rings (showing) and such are known as whores or loosy goosy's or whatever.

In those cultures it is an open invetation to lets say be an entertaining woman.



One that has no Clue and follows anyway

By the way vegas, if one disagrees its ok to do that disagree, but what blanket statement you refer to of white trash, you took out of context.

Also I know a few people with Phd's I have three friends that have 2 or more and speak over 7 languages. Having a Phd Dont make you smart, it just means you went to scrool longer then most. In fact I find that the most educated are the most ignorant. Thats a blanklet statement

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ego wrote: Actually Vegas if you did your homework on peircings and women being pierced, you would know that there has been a growing presance of middle eastern and indian culture premating our own culture.

Fact is piercing in the US has a middle eastern and Indian influance.

YZNVEGAS: We live in the United States. Don't you realize just about everything you do here in the U.S. came from another country? Where do you think that bike you ride was built?

You make a completely irrelevant point Ego, thanks for playing though.

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irrelevant point vegas?

What I was trying to make a statement on and again you just missed it (I guess Due to your Narrow Mind)

Is that there is a growing EVIL presence in our culture that is infiltrating our kids , ourselves and our culture. keeping your head in the sand is no excuse.

Again, I make a state of facts and you retailiate with nothing more then an out of context reply.

Come on Vegas I have more respect for you then that. Dont make me post My World Acording to Ego

:) or the Ego Manfesto

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My point is that piecings don't make or break the person. The person does that to him/herself. Thats all, have a nice day. :)

Very interesting thread...backflips...tatoos and piercings.

My $.02...

The backflip is watch. If you want to ink yourself...go for it. If you want to pierce your long fellow...go for it. I am more than happy to live vicariously through you.

People are going to push sports to extreme levels wether it is on a dirt bike, roller blade, snow board, surf board, parachute, bungee cord and etc. The main point that should be stressed to the younger genaration is that people are capable of doing anything with enough determination, dedication and an un-quenchable desire to succeed.

This holds true to anything you do, wether your are a professional athlete or a top CEO of a fortune 100 company. However, what ever you do carries tremendous responsibility for your actions. In the case of extreme sports you can get seriously injured or injure the business world you can collapse a multi-billion dollar company and put 30,000 people out of a job for not being truthful with your accounting (ex. MCI).

Kids are very impressionalbe as we all know. They are also pretty smart. Kids can see the extremes for what they are...extreme and something not everyone will attain or even want to attain.

Here is a very recent example...I went to go see Ultimate X movie last week with my wife, my neighbor, and his two kids...girl 6, boy 8. After the movie they were saying, "next time we go riding I am going to do a heel clicker and a lazy boy and a superman." When we get to the track they say, "I am going to hit that jump at 100mph and do a cliff hanger and then a superman." The minute they get on the bike they ride slowly and responsibly. No supermans, no lazy boys, no knack knacks.

Last evening at the track the boy's throttle stuck open and he went off the back side of a very large berm and crashed onto hardpack. The back side was 12 feet high. He broke his collar bone and wrist. On the way to the hospital I jokingly asked him if he was trying a superman or a knack knack off the jump, trying to cheer him up. His response in-between tears was, "are you crazy, I do want to die...I would never do those tricks." Of course at the hospital he told the pretty nurse that he was doing a superman off a 15 foot jump and crashed. :)

Stuck throttle?? ...Do I smell 24M$ lawsuit?

(Inside Joke)

I think everyone here is right.

Freestyle guys: Go high, Go far, Go upside down even. I love to watch.

Tatooed and pierced: Do what you want to your body. I could care less. Ink and metal are not bad influences. Bad people are bad influences.

Side thought ( the more someone tries to look different, the more they look like everyone else. It seems everyone is pierced and tatooed )

Kids: Learn from other peoples mistakes. Its cheaper. Listen to what ever music you want. Oh ya...........Have fun and be a kid.

Parents: As others have mentioned, invest in your kids. ( why is it that any two idiots can become parents but only people who pass a test can drive a car? Just a thought )

Everyone: Put your helmets on and get ridin'. It makes everything alright.

Thumpincanuck, that was a quality post, nicely done.

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