MX D-Nations Roster "UNofficial" from MXA




The unofficial announcement came yesterday at the sixth round of the Outdoor Nationals held at Red Bud, Michigan, that Team USA was decided. Early rumors were thrown around that rookie James "Bubba" Stewart would be competing aboard a KX125. However, Bubba decided that he would be down on power against 250 bikes, especially considering that bikes aren’t allowed to use race gas, and must use unleaded pump gas. Needless to say, many people are disappointed with the decision that Stewart won’t be on the MXDN team for this year, held at Competition Park, California on September 29th. Pit pundits were also hoping to see Travis Pastrana on the team, but after he broke his wrist at Hangtown, he sealed his fate. What is interesting is that Pastrana has been fooling around with the idea of trying a backflip, and has successfully landed one. We’re sure that Roger Decoster can’t be too happy with Travis’ latest decision to attempt the backflip, as he hasn’t raced in any Nationals since breaking his wrist, but instead focuses on freestyle.

The first (and most obvious) choice who will be on the team is Ricky Carmichael. The Honda rider was a shoe-in for a spot on the team, considering he hasn’t lost a National yet and is completely dominating everything. The second rider is Tim Ferry, the second most consistent rider in this year’s Outdoor series who stands second in points. Last, but not least, Mike LaRocco will be making a return to the MXDN as the third rider on the team.

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I'll be there with bells on!!!!!!

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