TTR125L footpeg problem (Short 1 peg)

One of my kids came home today with one of his foot pegs in his hand.... I inspected the weld, and noticed that it was only welded about 1/2 way around. We didn't notice that the pegs were welded to the frame when we purchased the bike in October last year. "Not a very good idea!".

My boys are only about 100-125#'s... You wouldn't think that they could do this kind of damage. I remember beeting the "Hell" out of my bikes and never having this kind of problem. They haven't even gotten to the big jumping stage. You would think that a bike designed on a racing frame, would hold up to my kids..... I feel sorry for the next kid that looses a peg, on a real jump. "May god be with them".

Has anyone else encountered simular problems... If so, I would like to hear from you... (and I hope no-one got hurt)


Brian R. Tusler

I had the same problem on my 1969 Bridgestone 60 but that was because I was riding a street bike like it was a dirt bike. I thought that sort of thing was behind us years ago. Come-on Yamaha...

tuslerb, E- mail me and I will give you the long list of what will break next, too long to list here, and my son's only 90#. mike

Hey guys, im one of the guys from the yz forum...just a suggestion, if your looking to get new pegs, write BBR motorsports, im sure your familiar with them, they absolutely love the TTR-125s they most likely have a better (wider) footpeg, and perhaps a better mounting system for them.

just my 2 cents


Thanks guys for your responses... So far, I have been working with my local service guy, who has contacted Yamaha USA... The word is that they will supply me with a new frame, and parts... The $250+ in labor would have to come out of my pocket... I asked them to let me know when it is all in, and I would take the frame & parts & perform the surgery myself...

Its good to know that they are willing to stand behind their product...

I will keep you updated...

Thanks for your responses

Brian R. Tusler

Wow, replace the frame when the foot peg goes bad?

Maybe I should just throw out my motor out instead of changing the oil.

I can see it now, Japanese management will be chewing some jr. engineer out for that bone head design.

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