race gas?

do you need to run race gas in the yzfs? i am assuming you do because of the 12.5:1 comp. how much would a 13.5:1 piston bring the performance up?

No not at all

RUn the 91 + octain from your local gas station.

I know Sonco and 76 have 100+ Octain gas, I run this fro time to time when I have a few extra bucks to burn.

Plus since you brougt the Race Gas question up.

I always fill up at the local Super Tacaria for my race gas :)


If there ever were two machines that begged for the "correct" fuel, it's the "F"'s. First, consider the redline of these machines. The 426 redlines at 11,200 and the 250 at 13,500. Pump gas, premium included, was not blended or distilled for this RPM range. Secondly, using the correct fuel will allow these machines to run a bit cooler due to the elimination of knocking and pinging. There are some cons as well. Cost is one. Certain fuels are not very kind to the exhaust system and accelerate corrosion of the metal baffle. Some fuels are difficult to jet for and are sensitive to atmospheric conditions. VP C-12 is a good general choice that is not overly expensive and is easy to jet. Expect to jet this fuel leaner than pump fuel because it is non-oxygenated. While I liked C-12, I have found VP MR2 to be the fuel of choice for me. It is oxygenated and delivers an extremely crisp throttle response and better high RPM performance than C-12(once jetted correctly). Phillips also makes some excellent fuels for these machines. I think B-35 is THE fuel of choice but I have no persoanl experience with it.

If I can get some VP MR1, I want to give this fuel a try. It's $15 per gallon so it will have to move mountains to make it worth my while to become my normal fuel. MR2 is $9.92 per gallon so that is near my ceiling. C-12 is $4.85 locally.

I second Ego. Pump gas does the trick and funny this question should come up because I had the great pleasure of getting to ride with Larry Ward on Weds in Heming, SC or somewhere below Camden. (Whatever the name of that place was, I just know it was close enough to the beach that I about bagged the ride to go sip Corona's on the beach!)

Anyway, while unloading his gas can, since I asked this question to just about everybody I know for two months, I just couldn't resist asking what kind of gas he used and recommended in his 250F.

"My practice bike, just regular old pump gas, because it's stock." Runs DCI or something like that I can't remember in the race bike because it's had quite a bit of mods. If racing fuel could make his bike sound or run any better, it should be illegal! :) Man he hauls.

I run Amoco Premium in mine and it runs like a top. Now if I could just figure out my clutch. :D

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