Silt in the oil?And hole by airbox?

I just changed my oil and found some silt stuck on the oil filter. Also I found where the air box connects to the carb on the to of the waffle like chamber that goes around the shock there is like a 1cm plastic tube w/out a cap molded in it? Is that normal. I blocked the hole w/ tape.

Is it dirt, or is it metal (silver)?

I don't have my air boot in front of me, but I'm wondering if the hole is plugged up at the other end?

ins't this the hole connected to the warmstart-button ?

I'm freshly showered and smelling gooooood so I don't feel like getting sweaty going out to the garage to look at my carb intake. If I were you, as you go through the intake tract, also consider whether you might have ran the bike through some deep muddy water or deep silt long enough that the breather tube might have been submerged momentarily. I'm simply adding this as another thing to consider and/or eliminate.

[ July 12, 2002: Message edited by: Boit ]

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