Do they have any preformance kits?

Do they have any preformance kits for the yz426 that are not that expencive?

Who is they? And are you sure you need more performance from your 426?

If you want to hop up your thumper, just buy a Thunder Alley pipe. It will be the best 250 bucks you've ever spent. If youd like a different opinion, go look at Rich Rorich just bought a Thunder Alley and put it on his CRF. Rich knows everything. Im not kidding, he knows everything. He probably even knows Im typing this now! :) If you want to read his review of the thunder alley pipe, go look at the new product review threads. A couple of responces are mine. Good luck.

hotcams sells a complete cam kit for the 426. 9mm lift and 265 duration, for only 170 bucks! both cams! unbeatable price, and awesome performance gain. only problem is that they are near impossible to install without a calibration set from hotcams, the set is 100$ but is also used for tweaking your cam timing. great value!


Vanilla; have you installed the Hotcams cams? I was looking through their site earlier and read through the installation and degreeing section. I don't know anything about the quality of their cam kits so I was curious if you or anyone else has tried them.

no, i atually have a set on order, and as soon as the cams and calib. set come in, ill let you guys know how it went. seems simple enough if you take your time. I have however ridden a near stock bike with these cams in it, and must say the performance increase is HUGE. i wouldnt doubt 5-6hp increase across the range.


whats that hot cam web sight address??


I thought that the hot cams could not be used w/ stock engins?

The Hotcams can be used with a stock engine, they're $160 per cam, and come preset to 105 degree lobe centres, so you shouldn't need a degree wheel to install them.

I needed to degree mine and rework the valve-piston clearances, but only because of my odd engine configuration. Having said that, I'd certainly be more comfortable double checking everything when installing a higher lift cam.

Aftermarket cams won't give you more power everywhere - you're definitely trading some bottom/mid for the increase in top end..

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