Trail Tech kickstand with WC frame guards

Got my 6yr old an xr50. He's doing great, but occasionally needs some help on the trail. So I had to get a kickstand for the my yz426. Love the Trail Tech unit but am wondering if anyone has figured out how to modify WC frame guards to run with this kickstand?

You must drill out the recessed bolt hole and just use the upper clamp and lower bolt to hold the frame guard. I will post some pics of how I modified mine tomorrow. Don't know how else to explain it. Works good and doesn't modify the looks of either component. :thumbsup:

Cut off the recessed hold with my dremel and bolted it back on. Works great - Thanks! :thumbsup:

Don't I know you from somewhere? I can't remember what we bartered. Was it the shock spring? Sorry, My computer is on dial up for the next few weeks while they get our cable lines repaired. Pics were timing out before they downloaded. You got the idea tho' Glad it works. :thumbsup:

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