FMF Power Core IV

Question guys.. I just purchased the FMF Power core IV from rock mountain. I am racing in an enduro this weekend and I had to have it express shipped. Now i am wondering if this pipe will come with all i need to connect to my stock YZ header. The photo showed what looked like about 1 foot of pipe connected to the power core, my only concern is that i have seen some silencer kits that come with head pipe and mid pipe. What is and when would you need a mid pipe? sorry if it seems stupid but i don't have that much experience with exhaust. Only had the bike about 3 months

It bolts right on to your header.

Good luck this weekend!


Thanks Bro :thumbsup: I thinks its about 60 miles. about 25 is the most i've done in one day.. Not sure if i'll even be able to get out of bed on monday :devil:

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