checking out used bike

i might have to get a 98 400 because i don't have the money for a new one. what is a good process in checking out 4 strokes? i havn't had a 4 stroke for a while and i don't know how to make sure i'm getting a bike someone took good care of. i don't want to get a used one unless i'm absolutly sure its going to hold together and how need stuff like new a electrical system, top end, clutch, valves, ect. thx.

As with anything check the oil, air filter, state of cleanliness, etc.. If either are dirty then avoid it because if they didn't to the maintenance to sell it then they definitely didn't do it while they were riding it. Do a compression test if you can, make sure it doesn't smoke at all. For the older YZF's (pre-01) let it idle and be sure there is no clunking. Also see if the clutch is grabby when you test ride it. Be sure it idles smoothly (these things DO idle well) and make sure the gears all shift smoothly and it doesn't slip out of any gears. Look for things like stripped bolts, bolts that look like they don't belong, repairs that don't look proper (things taped together, excessive use of silicone sealant or gasget sealant, etc..), banged up or smashed radiators, etc... Make sure there are no dings in the foks and that they don't bind. If the forks are leaky you can probably see it, but look closely at the shock to see if it's leaky (you probably won't notice the shock unless you make a point to look). Does anything squeak or bind when you bounce on the seat (neglected shock linkage can squeak or bind). Wiggle the wheels and swingarm side to side, is there any play (play means worn out bearings). Things of this type. I'm sure some other people will chime in with more advice.

99' YZ 400fl FOR SALE<<<<


how much are you looking at spending?

check this one out.

I can honestly say SPOTTLESS and immaculate.

$1500-$2000 in xtras off of the bike in a box

and probably close to $2k ON the bike.

G :)

Check your pm's

viper :D

i don't have the money yet and i don't know when i'l have it. you'l probably sell it by the time i'm ready to buy one.

I always look at who I'm buying the bike from too. I think that is as important as the overall condition of the bike.

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