03 WR450 Ignition casing required

Hi there,

My 03 wr450 electric starter stopped working last week. Just seemed to be spinning. I took casing off and found casing has broken and gears are not engaging. I'd like to get this repaired as cheaply as possible and was wondering if anyone that had done the 2004 mods could sell me the old casing they changed as part of this procedure.




Are you going to the 2004 upgrade? I have a 2003 cover with the new 04 bushing installed if you are going that way.

Dave, This has also happened to me recently. I'm currently in the process of repairing.

I would suggest that you also check the starter clutch and gear for damage as this seemingly is the root of the problem, mine were totally nackered. My dealer know of a least 5 other occurences of this happening.

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