Cleaning Air filter

I was just reading a post earlier and it mentioned cleaning air filter with gasoline and oiling it with motor oil. I thought that is what you are supposed to do right?

No. Gasoline fumes are much more volatile than most other solvents and as a general rule of thumb shouldn't be used for general cleaning such as cleaning air filters. Motor oil isn't as tacky as air filter oil and will also drain out as the filter sits. They make special filter cleaners and oil which are very easy to use.

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Originally posted by DJ426:

I was just reading a post earlier and it mentioned cleaning air filter with gasoline and oiling it with motor oil. I thought that is what you are supposed to do right?

IMO cleaning w/ gas is a bad idea. I use either that PJ1 aeresol cleaner or the Twin Air stuff. Then I clean w/ soapy water and let it dry overnight.

If you want to save some money I would recommend cleaning with diesel and then soapy water.

Hope this helps.

Ditto to both posts, it will also as a petroleum shrten the life of the Air filter.

Plus Gasoline is never to be used for anything except engine Fuel :)

I am sorry but the fool that uses gas to clean anything with is just that a fool. I have seen to many bikes , garages / homes go up in flames becouse someone decided to pour just a few ounces of gas into a jar and clean parts.

Go get an oil based solvant..... :D

I wouldnt use Gasoline to clean your filter. First reason: If you notice in your filter cage there is a screen that is there that you dont see on a 2-stroke. That is there because 4-strokes can back fire into the carb and then your filter. If you have gas on your filter that may ignite and burn your ass off. Second: The technology of products has gone far and beyond the tricks of the 70's and 80's. My recommendation is the NoToil system. I currently use and have used it for over a year. I like and its cheap. Its like 16 bucks for the kit and then you just replace as needed.

What about usind dish washing liquid to clean and then spraying on the filter oil?

agree with DaveJ 100%,

I clean my filter and always have in hot water and dove detergant, I let the filter soak until the Hot water is room temp then I proceed with the cleaning process.

Once all the dirt grime grease is gone I clean it again with warm water and very little dove.

A third rinsing is done in warm watter to get all the soap out of the foam. I let it stand dry for at least 24 hrs or if its a warm / hot day in the sun for a few hrs.

Then I Oil it and let hang for another few hrs.

Never had a fire.

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No worries

Originally posted by DJ426:

cleaning air filter with gasoline

Gasoline works for me. I use spray on sticky oil though.

Since your on the subject... dish washing liquid and water in a zip lock works great and yer hands dont get quite as messy... wash it twice then rinse it twice... works for me!

I also use gasoline on my filter.......but I also inspect my filter very closely every time I clean it and replace it a couple times during the summer just to be safe. I know its not the best but it works for me. Did I forget to mention the desert where I ride is extremely, extremely dusty, we have not had a drop of rain since the beginning of April. Just my thoughts.


Why would you want to use gasoline on your filter anyways? Seems a lot easier to spray cleaner on, let sit for 5-15 min, then wash out with water. Most of the stuff comes out, so you have to use dish soap and water to get the rest out. Lot safer. :)

You can use just dishsoap and water, but it takes longer.

Dishsoap alone isn't strong enough to cut the oil and dirt out of your filter. I would never use gas because it's no good on your filter but plus, who wants to get friggin gas smell stuck in their pores, NO THANKS.

You can also safely use mineral spirits to clean but I don't see why you guys don't use stuff that is specially made for the job. Like "Uni" or "No Toil"

PJ1 filter cleaner is great. I've tried to use just soap and water and finally picked up a can of the proper stuff. You'll be amazed at how clean it gets. Spray it on, let it sit, and rinse. Filter comes out great. When you're done, put the gas in the tank, where it belongs.

Ive been using simple green lately. Seems to work fine. I tried it when I was out of filter cleaner...I have another confession too...I sometimes use a hair dryer on the air filter right after cleaning it if im in a rush to ride.......Watch... now somebody will say how you should never use simple green and how bad it sucks to quick dry a filter with a hair dryer :):D


I use a hair dryer on my filter sometimes too. It doesn'rt seem like it would be bad for it.

I clean my filter in a pan of kerosene, I just soak it and squeeze it out a few times, let it dry, and oil it. kerosene is good cause you can reuse it. Just stick it in a coffee can and the grime sinks to the bottom, leaving clean kerosene on top. works great for chains too.

Originally posted by flyinguitars:

Watch... now somebody will say how you should never use simple green and how bad it sucks to quick dry a filter with a hair dryer :D:D


Yeah, and how you shouldn't reuse the oil filter, shouldn't get your ear pierced, shouldn't grease lip of air filter, shouldn't let your kids watch free style cause they'll try it and break their necks, should run race gas, etc... LOL


I use Uni filter cleaner and Uni filter oil, (the spray kink). When I had two strokes sometimes I would get lazy and use 2-stroke oil but it all drains to the bottom of the filter and doesn't properly filter the air.

The Uni cleaner is kind of steep @ $8 a can. Heres a trick right now though. Cycle Gear has these magazines all over their stores with a $5 coupon good on anything in the store. Even something that costs only $6, he he....

John H.....I like how you think :)


I agree with the non use of gasoline. I like the Twin-Air cleaner and their cleaning tub ( keeps my shop sink cleaner :) .) I am sure somebody will fault the hair dryer but I always allow my filters to sit after oiling and that sound like a good idea, as long as the heat setting is not too high. I would watch for making the foam brittle, but I am going to add that idea to my bag of tricks.


Bill Barnard

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