Cleaning Air filter

Trivial fact. The flashpoint of gasoline is -45 degrees F and can generate static electricity for its own ignition point. Gas to me is similar to a gun, once you make a mistake with it it's hard to go back and do over.

If Simple Green was winter green instead of pine smelling, I'd brush my teeth with it.

I use your basic parts cleaning solvent for my filter. But I used gasoline many years ago with no problems. Just keep flames far away........

By the way, what kind of oil should I run in my motor? :D:)


Do a search on oil. There are hundreds of posts on that. I use Valvoline 4-stroke motorcycle oil from Checker. Cheapest stuff around($2 a quart).

Two words--- No Toil!

No toil sounds neat and a lot of people seem to like it, but I've heard a lot of people say that they get fine dust past the filter when using no toil. I'm in a dusty climate so that's too big a risk for me personally.

Also I find that latex gloves (at the grocery store for like $5/100) are GREAT when doing air filter maintenance!

how can you actually tell when fine particles of dust go through your airfilter??? :)

if there is fine dust sand, you will see the residue on the inlet of the carb most likly.

you will notice a fine gritt layer anywhere in side of the Airbox to the slide.


I also use PJ1 cleaner, along with BelRay filter oil. The PJ1 cleaner works great! I use TwinAir filters and really soak the PJ1 in (a can will last for about 3 cleanings), Let it sit for 15 minutes and wash out in warm soapy water, then rinse real good. Your right, the filter is real clean when I'm done.

I keep 3 twin-air filters, so I always have a clean dry filter waiting to be oiled when cleaning the other filter(s). I also use filters skins and ride the first 30-40 minutes or so with the skin on and then pull it for the meat of my ride.

426- I was just being a wise guy with the motor oil question just 'cuz it's been beat to death many times over and filter cleaning is headed down that road along with coolants. Plenty of ways to do it right and only a few wrong........

As I got to thinking about using gasoline for cleaner I just cringe at what would happen if it did catch fire. Therefore I agree, gasoline is a no no.

I don't believe however that gas would shorten the life of the filter because it's constantly getting fogged by gas vapors anyway. After all, the oil that is put on it (except no toil) is a petroleum product as well and the foam was designed to withstand it.

More trivia... A major chemical component of gasoline is benzene, this chemical IS a known carcinogen, as far as I know this means it is bad. swirling your hands and fingers in a known carcinogen may sound like fun, but it may in fact cause all kinds of cancer and mutagenic problems for any reproductive opportunities in the future. Save the Gasoline for the gas tank.

"but it may in fact cause all kinds of cancer and mutagenic problems for any reproductive opportunities in the future."

COOL, so I don't have to wear this stupid rubber thing anymore??? :):D


Call me crazy....I not only use gasoline....I use race fuel to clean my filter!!

It dries odorless. I use a small amount of fuel to break down the old oil and grime on the filter. Then, I wash it in warm water and dish soap. Works like a charm.

At my sponsers shop we use 409 to clean the air filter then we load it with Motul air filter oil. I clean my air filter after every ride. I plan to do the same with the 426F. Good luck!


do not use gasolene as it will destroy your filter quickly over time. Kerosene works the best, w/o destroying or breaking down the filter element. I use BelRay filter oil --not too much!!!!I hate no-toil as I have had bad luck with rich running conditions after use.

This is off subject but it drives home the point of what gasoline can do when used as a cleaner. When I was a teen, the wife in a couple who lived about a mile down a rural highway from my grandparents, used gasoline to clean her carport concrete. The vapors drifted into the attached utility room and were ignited by the natural gas water heater's pilot. The house burned to the ground. After the insurance company paid to have the house rebuilt, she did the same thing again a year later. What else can you say about something like that?


All I can say is

Light did not dawn on marble head that time

Exactly why Gas should never be used for any purpose, out side of putting it in the gas tank...

Just use a solvent with low volatility, such as diesel fuel, stoddard solvent, mineral spirits, etc. Gasoline, although volatile, works great too, but why subject yourself to all the health and safety risks when you don't have to? Not to mention, you'll see pink elephants after rinsing out something in that stuff.

Use a solvent to cut the oil, then soap and water to cut the solvent. I just wrap the filter up in an old towl and press the water out. I'm too lazy to let it sit out overnight to dry. BTW, I use chainsaw oil to oil the filter, it's highly tacky (parrafinic) and costs about 3 bucks a gallon at Home Depot.

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