Slipon silencer pole. Vote now!

I am looking at getting a Yoshimura oval stainless or the White Brothers Pro Meg for my uncorked XR650R. I am pretty happy with the stock pipe and HRC tip but would like a little more zip and some cool looks. Any thoughts from owners of these two pipes would be great. My concerns are noise, power, weight, fit and finish. My bike is CA street legal. Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

Well I would imagine that the Yosh and Pro meg are way too loud. I would try an FMF Q or the new White Bros E2.

The fmf Q is my vote,did the hole saw trick at first ,way too loud heard one with the power core four ,too loud

fmf Q decent sound and good power!!!!! :thumbsup:

My vote goes to the Moriwaki in terms of fit, finish, & appearance. I can't speak for long term durability, but it's a work of art compared to most systems I've seen. It doesn't seem to be any louder than the HRC tip, but I've not had it sound tested to verify this. The Moriwaki web site spec'd the system at 102dba, but I'm guessing that had to be without the spark arrestor, which quiets the exhaust note considerably. The spark arrestor can be easily removed with one screw if desired for closed course racing. In terms of cost, they're closing them out at Big Valley Honda at a special price, but its a full system with a 2" diameter header.

Remember the q is supposed to be repacked every 20 hours, kind of a drag if your bike is a daily driver.

I had the FMF Q on my 650R and I didn't like the power. Lost alot of the bottom end. Looked cool though. I put the stock pipe with the HRC tip back on and the bike runs much better IMHO.

I know a guy that does ceramic/powder coating etcetc. He said for a whole frame powder coated and cleared $125-140. Now that's cheap. I'm having him ceramic coat my header and canister. Should look sweet, and I'll have the cool sound and power of the stock exhaust. Hell I even have a cool metal stamp to put on the exhaust canister when it's done.

TimBRP, you get your bike on the road yet? Maybe you should worry about that instead of ceramic coating your exhaust. I just fired you an email regarding Maine ride on July 4th weekend. :thumbsup:

I didn't get the email, and yes I'm very concentrated on the road-worthiness of my pig. I have the kit and it's going on this weekend. I'm off the whole week after July 4th, lets hook-up and tear [@#$%&*!] up.

I will start a new post so as not to get totally off topic.

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