Foresthill, Mace Mill, and Mammoth Bar

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any of you know if the above mentioned OHV's are enforcing the Red Sticker?

I drove by the area a couple weekends ago. The place looks like heaven.

I have been nursing some broke/separated ribs and am contemplating riding the area. I just can't wait any longer !!!

Thanks for any info you can give me,


I thnk Forrest hill and Mammoth is never heard of the other.

May want to call the local ranger station up ther or better yet local shops they woul know

Last time I was up at Foresthill and Mammoth Bar they were checking for current stickers and spark arrestors. I have heard that they let you go with red stickers. Mammoth is only open 3 days a week. I think they are open Thursday, Sunday and Monday. Foresthill is wide open whenever but it gets very dusty in the summer months. If you go up there, make sure your faster than everybody else...



PK thats your backyard lucky A** dawg

Forrest hill is a great place in the early winter months. Forrest hill was the last place I rode 15 odd years ago when I hung it all up. Man that was a great farewell ride

I rode Forest Hill last Tuesday and Wedsday....didn't see any Rangers and only a few other is getting mighty dusty and ya gotta love that red dirt..........I may be going back soon and I'll hunt down one for ya and ask.............

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