What do you guys think? (YZ400f)

Hello, I live in Illinios (NW) and my local shop has a 99 yz400f for sale. www.hammertime.com (goto used bikes, you'll see it.) Anywho, Is it wrong if i ask them to let me test ride it? What things should i check out on the bike before the purchase? They are asking 3500... is this a bit high? I know i can talk him down if its to high since the 03's are comming out soon. Thanks guys jsut for taking time and reading this and tell me what you think.

Ryan :)

Originally posted by Rider4Life2413:

Is it wrong if i ask them to let me test ride it

No way is it wrong to ask for a test ride! I wouldn't buy a bike without riding it first. $3500 is way too much. I just barely paid more than that for my '01 426. If you're willing to spend $3500, get a 426. You can find plenty of 426's for $3400-$3800. I've seen '99 WR's and YZ's going for $2500 around here. Shop around and be patient and you'll find a good deal. :)

I never trust used bikes from dealers..

You have no idea about the history,and why didn't the previous owner sell it himself?

Anyway, you should get a good idea of the condition by going over it thoroughly. They may try to hide some stuff,but bent/cracked rims, or smashed cradle rails are hard to hide (albeit some guys apparently will fill with bondo and paint). You want to see a bike that's been used but well taken care of:Missing paint from boot rub is normal, worn sprockets, loose spokes,bent bars, dirty air filter/air box-are signs of neglect (and that the dealer doesn't recon the used bikes)

we need a carfax.com for mocycles

The price you can expect to pay for the bike is going to vary quite a bit from one side of the country to the other. Just like when Blue booking a car, they always ask you your zip code. Where I live that would be considered a fair price. Very high demand for bikes here. If you can believe it, the local shop was selling 426's for $6299 and selling quite a bit, over $6800 OTD with tax.... Ridiculous! I bought in california and had it delivered, no tax, for $5849 and felt that I stole it! So just judge your fair price by what comparable stuff goes for in your area.

I am in michigan... and $3500 is way too high for a 400. Retail value is only $3400 for it, so $3500 is a ripoff. If a bike is in demand, you can expect to reasonably pay about halfway between retail and trade-in value of it. I use www.kbb.com and www.nadaguides.com to check value of bikes. Nada is usually on the spot with used bike values. Kbb, is usually a little bit high for around here. Hope this helps

Just sold my 98 400f for $2500.00 and it was in nice shape with a fair amount of mods.

I would say that unless that bike is totally decked out in aftermarket carbon fiber and everything else available it is way over priced.

I would also if I were you, add up the cost of all the extra goodies that you either want or need to have after you buy a bike and factor that in.

I am a big fan of buying a used bike with all the nice aftermarket race parts already paid for by the previous owner. I also like to pay real close attention to how well the bike seemed to have been maintained and why the person is selling the bike.

I wouldn't buy a used bike without a test ride. I finally sold my '99 YZ400F last week for $3400 and the bike was in excellent shape, here's a pic if you're interested, HERE. $3500 isn't to bad, I met a guy last month that payed $3500 from the dealer for one, I could've smacked him since mine has been for sale forever. Typically you pay more at a dealer for used bike. You should be able to get an '01 for a couple of bucks more. Just look in the for sale forum here. Just shop around, with the new '03's coming out there is plenty of good deals around and I'd trust buying a bike from a TT'er than a dealer. I think PK had a '99 for sale. Good luck !

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DPW where did you get th those sweet @ss graphics that are on your 400f!

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