Lovin it!

I had a chance to ride my new 04 yz450 this last weekend for the first time. My first impression was everything that I expected, it felt really similar to my old 426, only way better handling in tight turns. I think the suspension is a lot better than the mags give it credit for and the power delivery is super smooth! It is so nice having the extra cc's to clear jumps out of corners! i missed that the most riding 250F's for the last year and a half. I haven't had a chance to race it yet, but can tell you that i see a holeshot or two in my future, no doubt! My first ride on Fri. didn't go quite as smooth as Sat. I came up short on my last lap of the day on a big camel type jump @ Elsinore. The back wheel clipped the lip of the landing throwing me over the bars on my a$$ then just like my 426 once did, it preceded to run up my back and completly run me over. When i was done watching the bike run its corse, I noticed that the clutch side grip was in my hand!!!! Yeah i was gripping when i noticed i was short. I thought that was pretty funny, the crash could have been way worse. I want to thank Langston Racing, they hooked me up with a discount on some plastics and walked me next door to a radiator specialist that welded up my radiator and I was able to ride on Sat. So other than some tattered plastics and a radiator two rows smashed, and a half moon(half my a$$ is black and blue right now) Pictures available to any female tters upon request. (: It was all good, Sat was way smoother as i smoked my friend in a 5 lap moto, same friend who has thumped me in my last series on the 250F. Anyway... awesome bike!!! BTW does anyone know a good aftermarket radiator dealer? :thumbsup:

Are you talking about that big tabletop with the ridge in the middle?

It is the jump to the coming out of the corner after the crazy 3 line rythme section. right after it comes the long double type table. Elsinore has some really different type jumps, not your typical table, or step or double/triple It seems like they try to merge the jumps together to mess everyone up (: Why? did you get he free show? it was Friday afternoon! If so, you are probably still laughing!

nevermind, i just saw where you are located, probably weren't there. Funny nonetheless

No I wasnt there but I have ridden there before. I love that track. I was just curious where it happened because there's that huge left hand berm up front that comes out into a very tall tabletop thing with a big hump in the middle then there's another table right after it. I thought you maybe bounced off the end of the big one out of the corner or something. That would be a long way down.

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