Stupid Questions

Im a newbie at bikes,so dont laugh. Whats a flywheel? When people say 10oz flywheel whats it mean? Thanks :)

A 10oz flywheel is a standard for testing the grip of the African Tsetse fly.

Its based on two factors (I think)

1: is the rotation and inertia of compensated heli-injected thermoses, is equal to the fractional weight and dispersion of auto-syncro anti-matter

2: Functioning rule of inertia is based solely on the weight of the African Tsetse Fly.

By adding E = M + top Speed of C you get the resulting formula of Ah I’m kidding

The flywheel is a weight that is on the crankshaft of the motor. It allows the engine to either or rev quicker or slower by adding or removeing weight via differant Flywheels. Example 10 once or 12 once.

The statement I said allows the engine to rev quicker or slower is kind of miss leading, it actually has a pendulum effect, resulting in the engine has to work harder to push a heavier flywheel around. This gives the effect of a slower rev. In reallity it actually adds a broader Torque band accross the RPM range mainly felt in the low end. This alows the bike to be more predictable and tracable

A lighter fly wheel will cause the bike to spin the back tire build rpm faster, resulting in froot-o-d-loom filling hole shots :)

Again there is no such thing as a stupid question

Just Inquisitive idiots

Thats a funny :D

Welcome to two wheels...... :D and TT

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In laymans terms, it's a weighted wheel that keeps the motor spinning between power strokes. It's also a convenient place to attach things that need to spin, such as magnets for lighting coils and ignition systems.

You can add or remove weight to change how quickly the engine revs (a heavier wheel takes longer to get going, and is also harder to stop). Heavier flywheels can make for more stall-resistant motors (good for slow offroad rides), and lighter flywheels are good for quick revving (good for motocross, etc..).

Thanks Guys

The reason to add a flywheel weight are to keep it from stalling as easily over logs, rocks, etc. at low speeds in the woods and to decrease wheel spin (or increase traction).


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