I was attampting to install my new Clarke 4.3 gal tank on my 2002 XR650R but ran into a little problem. I hits what I believe to be an emissions component that is attached onto the right hand side radiator. This thing has 4 hoses (2 metal 2 rubber)coming out of it. Is it safe to remove it and what do I do with the 4 hoses?

I belive that is the CA emissions crap. Go to your dealer and get the smog block off kit for that bike. Uncork it as well, both cheap kits and the fuel tank will fit. Not to mention the bike actually wakes up. :thumbsup:

I pulled off all that crap even before I rode the bike. Baja Designs and others makes a block off kit. You basicly remove that stuff and install a block off plate on the motor. Remove all the hoses and cap them off. If you do a search I'm sure you'll find eveything you need to uncork the beast. The gas tank should fit no problem. Plus you'll gain 25% more HP too.

Thanks guys, last night I bought ($19.95) and installed the block off kit, put on my new tank and I'm ready to roll.

What exactly does the uncork kit consist of? :thumbsup:

I believe it is a jet, needle, exhaust tip, and something else, I forget. The kit is about $100 or so give or take. It will make your bike sick fast though. It's like a whole new bike. I'd say 95% of the people on this site have installed one. It also helps your bike run cooler.

See for more info about uncorking and sooo much more :thumbsup:

There is a list of things to do to "uncork"...but you have to do all of them, you can't just change the jets, but leave the stock intake manifold on.

...and I'm ready to roll.


Did you get everything squared away? Or are you still deciding which direction to go? You missed quite a ride for the second part from Santo Tomas, BC Mex when we headed to La Calavera & Malibu South last Friday afternoon. The Sheriff and I took some good photos. Got back really late, though.

Good luck with the decompression system. Talk to Zeek about where to get your 650R looked at. Send me an email with an update.

Hardcharger (on the WR426F)

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