Am I The Only One With This Problem?

NO is the answer. but the bolts dont need to be longer! they need to be larger. as the fellow from norway shared in the post under the stator fault. also a nother solution to all the left side problems would be to pull out all the rotten teeth ei starter, idealer gears, one way clutch gear, you not only aliveate the weak spots/you save weight as well. who cares how it starts. as long as it stays running. :thumbsup:

no u r not the only one!!!!my 03 wr450 lunched the stator etc when the nuts holding flywheel too starter sprocket all completely sheared off....lots of fun i loved my 450 but am not goin too put up with this.the first thing the mechanic said was never seen that before and did i want too remove the starter....this bike has only 5000kms on it (had a year off bike with a wrist rconstruction) in new zealand these bikes are road legal so im getting as much info together so i can sit down with yamaha and get some joy... the consumers act of new zealand states that a product should be fit for its intended purpose,and im thinking that this problem has shown it is not fit for its purpose....if it was the gearbox or piston@rings i wouldnt be worried but this kind of fault should never happen. so guys i need more info,how many of u have had this happen and what did yamaha do about it? thanks!!

I Have 2003 450 with the 04 starter upgrade. The bike doesn't backfire, runs like top (up until Saturday afternoon). Bike would not start, sheered all of the starter clutch bolts. :banghead: . My stater and rotor are trashed, woodruff key is allright, One other thing, I have a recluse clutch, could that be a cause? And who sells the best cheepest stator?

Spent $218.47 on stator, rotor, etc. Should I split the case to make sure their isn't any added crap in the gear box?

I just read all 24 pages of the block# poll results. Has there been any change in the block# theory? My block# is 1607 which falls in the middle of the 100% failure group. My woodruff key has not failed.KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!

And I was wondering if those original thoughts had changed over the past two years>

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