YZ400F, Thanks

Hello, I live in Illinios (NW) and my local shop has a 99 yz400f for sale. www.hammertime.com (goto used bikes, you'll see it.) Anywho, Is it wrong if i ask them to let me test ride it? What things should i check out on the bike before the purchase? They are asking 3500... is this a bit high? I know i can talk him down if its to high since the 03's are comming out soon. Thanks guys jsut for taking time and reading this and tell me what you think.


Most shops do not allow test rides for off road bikes. I have seen some with a small oval tracks for such but as a general rule most do not. $3500 is too high in my opinion. I'm not sure what the market price is showing right now but I would think more around 2800 to 3000. Good luck.

Kelly Blue book shows 3800 for retail sale and 2600 for Trade-in

Concider this, the bike was probably a trade in. so the dealer most likly gave the 2000 to 2600 for the bike.

I think its to high, I agree with the price range Fox stated.

Things to ask for look for. Thats tuff one to answer this early in the mornig and no coffee in me..

2001 426 are going for about 3500-3900 out of the paper in these parts and yamaha is real popular around here. That certainly is not even a decent deal. I dont think the dealer is a good place to buy used bikes. Try cycle trader or your local paper and you will get a much better deal.


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